2005 – January

Board Meeting

Present : Kati James, Jerry Huff, Jim Short, Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Steve Ynzunza
Excused : Ron Cowen (Sick)
1) Introduction of new 2005 Board of Directors
Dave Jansen and Steve Ynzunza were introduced as the new incoming Directors for 2005.
2) Recognition of members/guests
There was discussion regarding awards and some past awards that have gone away.Jerry Huff will be looking into the possibility of a granite rock with name plates being placed at Thunderhill between turns 14 and 15. Dave Jansen will be looking into the availability of the bricks being placed at Laguna Seca. There was also discussion regarding the possibility of a worker of the weekend award at the MotoGP Event.
3) Elections of USARM Officers - 2005
The By-laws were discussed and Kati James will be checking with Mickey to make them available on the Website.The selection of Officers for 2005 occurred. The following were the results:

President Kati James
Vice-President Jerry Huff
Treasurer Ron Cowen
Secretary Steve Ynunza

The other Directors forming the Board Dave Jansen, Ken Berri, and Jim Short

4) MotoGP Application from Ted Kuwada to be reviewed/approved by the BoD (copies provided)The BoD reviewed the application and had some discussion as to the content. The application was approved by the BoD

Kati would be getting the application to Mickey to be posted on the Website. Ted Kuwada will be contacting 2 Wheel Tuesday to make an announcement regarding people interested in working the event to check the USARM Website for application information.

The MotoGP Committee was discussed. The following members were approved by the BoD to be on the Committee:Kati James, Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Ted Kuwada, Steve Johnson, Steve Ynzunza, Jim Short and Jerry Huff.

Jim Short volunteered to be the registration person for the event and the BOD accepted his offer.

The BoD had a discussion as to who would be responsible for negotiating the contract for this years event. The BoD decided that Jerry Huff, Kati James and Steve Ynzunza would be the contract negotiating team for the event. It was also decided that the team would bring back the proposed contract to the BoD for final approval.

This was amended to have the MotoGP committee, with Ted Kuwada as its chairman, be directly responsible for the negotiations, in conjunction with the total committee.

The BoD discussed Acceptance/Rejection letters for the event. Decisions as to the content of the letters was tabled until the next BoD Meeting.

5) Post Office Box Key
The BoD discussed the Post Office Box and the need to check it. Ron Cowen will be getting more keys. Dave Jansen will get one of the keys and will be checking the Post Office Box as many as 3 times a week when we start to receive applications to work the event.
6) Financial Items
The BoD discussed a number of different items regarding the financial status of the group. Steve Ynzunza reported that he had been in contact with an Accountant regarding the non-profit status of the group. The BoD decided that it would do some research into accountants in the area and price the cost of getting the non-profit status as well as providing accounting services to the group. The BoD also decided that no decisions would be made until Ron Cowen (Treasurer) was at the next BoD meeting to make some decision regarding the finances of the group.
7) USARM Website
The BoD discussed the different aspects of the Website including the Forum set-up. It was decided that a disclaimer would be put on the Website stating that the views in the Forum are not the views of the BoD. Jerry Huff will get a hold of Mickey to get the disclaimer put on the Website.
8) Roundtable Items
Jerry Huff brought up the need for membership cards as well as needing information for business cards. The BoD approved the printing of 1000 membership cards as well as getting the business cards printed. 500 training manuals will also be printed.Jim Short brought up the request by Kat to make some jewelry with the USARM logo on it. The BoD approved her designing some jewelry and bringing the design to the BoD for approval.
1) Account for USARM at Infineon Raceway for extinguishers
Jim Short reported that the account had been set-up and it was working out very well.
2) USARM Shirts to accompany awards
Jerry Huff reported that he had found a vendor for the shirts and discussed there design. The BoD approved the purchase of the shirts. There was also discussion about purchasing shirts for the BOD and the BOD decided not to go forward with that proposal.
3) New USARM award blanks and trophies
This item was tabled for the next BoD meeting due to it being Ron Cowen's item to research.
4) Upcoming schedule for 2005
There were no additions or corrections to the current schedule by the BoD
5) Banquet Discussion
The BoD reviewed the cost breakdown submitted by Banquet Chairman Steve Johnson. Kati James discussed some of the door prizes that she had already acquired for the event. Steve Ynzunza and Dave Jansen will be the Master s of Ceremonies for the event. The BoD decided to have Banquet Chairman Steve Johnson mail the checks submitted by members for the banquet to Treasurer Ron Cowen for deposit into the account.
6) Training Update
Jim Short reported on the upcoming training scheduled to be held just prior to the banquet. The BoD reviewed a portion of the training as it relates to motorcycle events and approved the submittal. The BoD decided that certificates would be provide to all of the attendees. The certificate would have the words "Certificate of Attendance" on it. Jim Short also reported that only 4 people so far had RSVP that they would be coming to the training.
7) Discussion and location of new meeting place
The BOD discussed the meeting location and decided to keep it at the current location until next meeting to see how everything works out due to noise and space. Due to scheduling conflicts, the BoD meetings were moved to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Next Meeting: Tuesday February 15th at 7:00pmMeeting was adjourned at approximately: 9:45pm