2005 – February


Present: Ken Berri, Ron Cowen, Dave Jansen, Kati James and Steve Ynzunza
Available by Phone: Jim Short
Excused: Jerry Huff
***Note*** It was determined that there was a quorum present.

The minutes from the 01-17-05 Board Meeting were approved.

1 MotoGP
A) Chairperson -There was discussion regarding a letter that the Chairperson had submitted to Steve Y to present to the Board. It was determined that the Chairperson would stay on.
B) Committee Members - The Board also discussed membership on the Committee. There was a motion and approval that the MotoGP Chairperson would determine who would be on the Committee.

One member would be stepping down from the Committee to put more focus on the USARM group and the outstanding issues that have been left open.

C) Organizational Chart - This item was tabled until the next meeting.
2 Financial
Treasurers Report - Ron Cowen presented a very detailed treasurers report to the Board. The Board was very happy with what Ron Cowen has generated in regards to the groups finances.
Training Session Budget Report - The Board reviewed the Budget submitted by Jim S. The Board acknowledged that additional funds be allocated. The Board also decided to review budget proposals for upcoming training sessions and take them on a case by case basis.
Banquet Budget Report - The Board recognized that there were very positive comments regarding the banquet. The Board also recognized Banquet Chairperson Steve Johnson for coming over $100 under budget. The Banquet Budget that Steve Johnson submitted was approved.
Non-Profit Status - Steve Ynunza reported that he had not made re-contact with the accountant and he had not received any submittals from any of the other Board Members. Steve Ynzunza will have a report for the next Board Meeting.
Online Banking and ability to view - The Board discussed the ability to view only the account status of USARM. Ron Cowen will be checking with the Bank to set this up.
Reimbursement Forms/Sign-Offs - Steve Ynzunza submitted a draft for USARM Reimbursements. This draft will be reviewed by the Board and discussed at the next Board Meeting. There was also discussion from Ron Cowen discussing the ability to streamline when reimbursements come in. There was also discussion as to what is reimbursable by the Board. These items will be discussed at the next Board Meeting.
3 Open Items
Steve Johnson (Banquet Chairperson) Dues - The Board discussed waiving Steve Johnson's dues for his work on the Banquet. The Board approved this motion.
Mick (Website) Dues - There was discussion by the Board and Kati James will be getting back to Mick to discuss.
4 New Projects
Covers for Turn Boxes -The Board discussed the outstanding project that the previous Board had agreed to put $3000 into putting covers over some of the turn boxes. Kati James will contact Gary to see if he is still interested in working on the project when he gets back in April.
New Trailer- Steve Ynzunza and Dave Jansen will be doing research and getting quotes from trailer vendors to replace the trailer at Laguna Seca. This project will be occurring over the next couple of months.
Setting up Printing Account at Kinko's for 2005- The Board discussed having this account. It was decided to have Kati James to do some more research into the different types of accounts and report back to the Board at the next meeting.
5 Meeting Dates for the Year
The dates for the meetings were discussed. It was decided that we would post the dates in the grid and on the website. Both the dates and location would be posted.

The next meeting is March 15, 2005 at the Fremont Roundtable Pizza