2005 – July


Present: Ken Berri, Jerry Huff, Kati James, Dave Jansen, Steve Johnson, Jim Short and Steve Ynzunza
Excused: (None)

Approved the minutes from the 06/21/05 Board Meeting

1 USARM General Information
A) The Grid

There was discussion regarding the Grid. Due to increased membership, the cost to produce and send out the Grid has increased. It was decided that a full grid would be going out this month and members would be asked in the future whether they would like it in hard copy or via e-mail.
B) Board Members

There was discussion a lengthy discussion between the Board Members regarding protocols.
C) Membership Dues

There was discussion as to the possibility of having a membership drive consisting of a certain period of time to facilitate the ease of paperwork before big events ie: MotoGP. This subject was tabled until the next Board Meeting.
2 Financial Reports
A) Treasurers Report

Dave Jansen submitted another very extensive financial report for the Board to review. It was reviewed and accepted.
B) Expense Reports

Expense reports were submitted and Dave Jansen will send checks out because he did not have the checkbook with him.
3 Equipment
A) Inventory

The inventory from up North was not available and it was tabled for another meeting. The Board approved the purchase of 15 flag bags to replace the ones being used up North. The equipment from MotoGP is in a storage locker and will be inventoried over this next month.
B) Equipment Rental Fees
There was discussion that all equipment rental fees should be turned in after the event and any expenses from the event be submitted for reimbursement. The Board all agreed to this procedure.
C) Trailer
The Board approved a budget of $6,000 to purchase a new trailer to replace the one being used at Laguna Seca. Dave Jansen and Steve Ynzunza will be pricing trailers. It was also decided that the trailer being used up North would be overhauled by being re-painted and re-sealed to protect the equipment.
4 New Projects
There were no new projects added to the existing list.
5 MotoGP
A) General Review

There was a general discussion of the MotoGP event.
B) Debrief of Event Meeting

The Debrief Meeting will be held at Steve Ynzunza's house on August 2, 2005 at 7:00pm
6 Roundtable
Jim wanted the upcoming training seminar mentioned in the next grid and to have a deadline for submissions for training topics to be September 1st.

Next Meeting: August 16th, 2005 at the Roundtable in Fremont