2007 – April


Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Shelley Ulry, Kati James & Rusty Williams
Dicrectors Not Present : Greg Cupp
Members Present : None

***** Approved the Minutes of the previous meeting *****

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

B) Correspondence

C) Lanyards

Jim Hileman has Lanyards Rusty and Jim Hileman will finalize decision at NCRC Reno Fernley.
D) D) Directors Jackets & Business Cards

Blue Jackets have been approved and ordered. Jan to pick up cards Friday or next week and mail to BoD.
A) Shelley reported account balance as of April 24, 2007 is $21,678.54

Very similar to Moto GP, very busy with incidents, much lower key than GP, maybe only 100 needed. Jan is point of contact and issue will be brought up at Moto GP.
B) Moto GP

Jim Hileman did a fantastic job last year with parking/camping!!!!!
C) NCRC (Reno/Fernley)

May 12-13, Still openings
D) POC (Fontana)

May 18-20, Still one opening, maybe 2
Other events full so far, still tentative though
E) Russell

September may go to 3 days, Fri, Sat, Sun. October may be cancelled altogether, still tentative.
4 The Grid
Jackie Rocks!!
5 Updates on Events Managers/Contract Status
A) Skippy (Kati) Todd Schneider, current
B) POC (Kati) Jeff Melnick, current
C) NCRC/ARC (Kati) Luk Noel, current
D) Moto GP (Jan) Bo, signed, Jan to pick up
E) AMA (Jan) Bo, Jan to give Bo to review
F) Russell (Jim S.) Mark Wolocatiuk, current
G) Shelby/Green Flag (Ron Cowen) Cole Reise, current
H) HMSA (Ted) Chris Vandegrif, current
I) Coronado (Ted) Debbie Earle, tbd on contract
J) Pre-Historics (Ted) Chris Vandegrif, contract status tbd
6 Equipment Trailer
A) Ted, Jan, Rusty, and Shelley to meet and do Inventory at Laguna on Sunday, 4/29. Jim S. found someone to haul trailer up from down south but needs to find a place to put it at Infineon. The space where the old trailer currently sits won't work anymore. The old trailer will be given away just to get it off our hands.
7 Banquet
A) Report filed
8 Individual Concall Costs to Date
A) March: $45.38 April: $12.66
9 Roundtable
A) Ron Cowen was very touched to receive lifetime achievement award. Discussed previous award never received - to be replaced.
Adjourned at 8:15 pm, next meeting in May on 15, 2007