2006 – June


Present:   Shelley Ulry, Dave Jansen, Kati James & Steve Ynzunza
Directors not present:   Jan Weaver (Out of town), Jim Short (No transportation)

Members Present:   Rusty Williams

Approved the minutes of 5-16-06

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

Rusty Williams stated that he appreciated all of the training he had received working at the events and for the BOD to keep up the good work.
B) Resignation of BOD Member

Jerry Huff submitted his resignation from the BOD. The BOD recognized Jerry for the work he has done for the BOD. Steve Ynzunza will contact the member who received the next highest number of votes to see if they are willing to fill the remaining tenure of Jerry's position. Steve Ynzunza will also contact Jerry Huff to see if he will be able to continue to be the point person for the events he is scheduled for the remaining of the year.
C) Membership Dues

There was a request from a member to have dues that they paid for another member be transferred to the original member. The BOD agreed to this stating that it would be a one time thing.
D) Website

The BOD reviewed a reimbursement form for an SSL certificate for the website from Mick Housel. SSL certificates are usually used for online payments and encryption of data. The BOD is continuing the review of the form. The BOD also recognized with the increasing number of members across the United States, Europe and Canada that the Website as well as the Grid are the quickest ways to update the current members of USARM and to attract new members. The BOD agreed to work with Dave Jansen to create a Request for Proposal to solicit vendors to re-design and maintain the Website. The BOD also recognized Mick Housel for the time and effort he has put into the Website over these past years. Steve Ynzunza will be contacting Mick Housel advising him of the RFP and to encourage him to submit a proposal.
E) MotoGP

1) Contract
The contract was with SCRAMP and we were awaiting the retainer.

2) Retainer
The date for the retainer was changed to June 20th. The BOD is looking to have a good fiscal accounting of how much it takes for USARM to participate in the event. Dave Jansen will be working with Ted and Jan along with the BOD to present this to the members following MotoGP.

3) MotoGP Committee
Ted Kuwada and Jan Weaver Chairs of the Committee
Jim Hileman - Camping/Parking
Jerry Huff - Saturday Evening Dinner
Jim Short - Event Registration

4) Applications to Date
Ted Kuwada reported via e-mail that he continues to receive applications to work the event.

5) Additional needs of the Committee    There were none noted in any correspondence from the Committee.

2 Financial Reports
A) Treasurers Report

A very detailed treasurer's report was submitted to the BOD from Shelley. The BOD reviewed and approved the report.
B) Expense Reports

A few expense reports were submitted and approved.
C) Annual Budget

The annual budget is being completed. The design is being worked on to be more user friendly.
D) Returned Checks

The BOD discussed the issue of returned checks for memberships. Shelley will be contacting members via e-mail regarding their returned checks from the bank and asking them to submit money orders to rectify the problem with their checks.
3 Equipment
A) Inventory

Steve Ynzunza, Ted Kuwada and Carl Sloan completed an inventory of the flags in the trailer for MotoGP. They confirmed that there were 48 full sets for MotoGP. With the additional flags that were ordered, there will be plenty of flag sets for the event. There is also now 55 number boards completed. Thanks to Ted Kuwada getting the extra ones completed. The BOD also is requesting a written inventory to be completed at the end of MotoGP to ensure that all of the equipment has been returned.
B) New Flags

2 new flags were sent up to the North inventory.
C) Trailer

The trailer at Laguna Seca has had the USARM logo put on it. The BOD reviewed the design and after some additional artwork is removed from the design the invoice will be paid. The small trailer still needs the logo put on it and Steve Ynzunza will be working on that project.
4 Upcoming Events
A) Racing Events

There were no new events discussed at the meeting.
5 Roundtable
No additional roundtable items
USARM members are always invited to attend BoD meetings
The following are the upcoming Board Meeting dates for 2006:
Tuesday September 19th, 2006 7:30pm Fremont Roundtable
Tuesday October 17th, 2006 7:30pm San Jose Roundtable
Tuesday November 21st, 2006 7:30pm Fremont Roundtable
Tuesday December 19th, 2006 7:30pm San Jose Roundtable
The addresses for both Roundtables are:
San Jose Roundtable
5440-A Thornwood Drive
San Jose, Ca. 95123
(408) 578-5200
Fremont Roundtable
40831 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, Ca. 94583
(510) 651-2111

Next Board Meeting:
Tuesday September 19th, 2006 at 7:30pm at the Roundtable Pizza in Fremont

** Much controversy has been generated concerning "conference calls" to replace face to face board meetings. This idea has NOT been discounted, rather has had to be table due to several BoD members not attending monthly meetings.

This concept is still on the USARM BoD's agenda and will be addressed after MotoGP (as has been reported in the last several meeting notes)

Your USARM BoD is fiscally responsible to YOU, the members, and will not obligate to a possibly expensive measure without extensive research & strict guidelines. **