2006 – July


Directors Present : Dave, Kati, Steve, Jan, Jim H Dave Jansen, Kati James, Steve Ynzunza, Jan Weaver and Jim Hileman
Dicrectors Not Present : Jim Short and Shelley Ulry
Members Present : Rusty Williams

****Approved the Minutes of 06-20-06****

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentations/Issues

None presented.
B) Welcome to Jim Hileman

Jim Hileman was welcomed to the BOD. He will be filling the vacancy left on the BOD for the next 6 months.
C) Website

The website was discussed as well as the invoice presented for payment. The invoice was approved for payment. Jan Weaver will be meeting with Mick Housel to discuss the website and to get a proposal for the website. Dave Jansen will continue with the research on the request for proposal for the website.
D) Confirmation of Event Coordinators

Dave Jansen presented the idea of confirming with event coordinators if they were willing to continue as the main point of contact for future events. There was also discussion that this would be done via mail each year, that there would be a designated back-up person to the event coordinator to fill-in the position when the event coordinator could not attend as well as designing a form that would list members that worked the event, along with positives and negatives of the event, etc. The BOD agreed that this this would be a good idea and they were going to start on working on ideas for the form.
E) MotoGP

Jan Weaver provided the following update:
- there were approx. 345 to 348 workers signed to work the event
- the retainer was deposited into the bank
- the evening BBQ had been canceled due to costs
- the extinguishers were taken care of
- there would be tickets available Sat night to attend a movieThe BOD also approved that any active-duty military people working the event would get their memberships waived. The BOD also approved 10 people to work in event set-up.

A) Treasurers Report

There was discussion regarding the flags being listed twice in the previous financial report. This will be looked into and a correction will be made if needed..
B) Expense Reports

A few expense reports were submitted and will be forwarded to Shelley for payment.
C) Annual Budget

This item was tabled until after MotoGp.
3 Equipment
A) Inventory

Ted Kuwada advised that there were 42 bottles in the trailer at Laguna Seca. There is also 55 FIM flag sets and 55 number boards.
B) New Flag Bags

Steve Y reported that he was having 15 new flag bags made for the FIM sets of flags.
C) Trailer

The trailer at Laguna Seca has had the USARM logo put on it. The invoice will be paid at MotoGP. Steve Y reported that the logo will be put on the little trailer prior to the MotoGP and that trailer will be at the event./div>
4 Upcoming Events
A) Racing Events

The POC has the Make-A-Wish event at Laguna Seca coming up in August. That list is currently full. The BOD recognized that we will have to solicit racing groups schedules a lot earlier due to the large number of events we are working throughout the year.
5 Roundtable
No additional roundtable items.
Next meeting is in San Jose on August 15, 2006