2007 – February


Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Shelley Ulry, Kati James & Rusty Williams
Dicrectors Not Present : None
Members Present : None

No minutes from the last meeting.

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

B) Election Results

Director to fill vacancy, we will invite Greg Cupp to join the board.
C) Board Positions - voted and approved

   President - Jan Weaver
Vice-President - Jim Short
Secretary - Rusty Williams
Treasurer - Shelly Ulry

Directors at Large
Kati James
Jim Hileman
Next Director

D) Banquet

Banquet is planned for March. See the website for the announcement.
A) Treasurer's Report

All deposits and checks up to date.
B) Expense Reports

Shelley will send everyone Expense report form via email. Send all expense reports directly to Shelly's house.
A) Kati

POC and Skippy doing well. Letter sent to Laguna regarding AMA event in September.
B) Jim

First Russell last weekend, went well.

1.) Contract - Will be sent to Bo now that we have director positions set.

2.) Ted's email - Shelley reviewed with board Ted's proposal - Moved, seconded and passed. Jan will let Ted know.

3.) Committee - We have more volunteers for the committee.

4.) Personnel on Active Military duty will have dues paid by USARM.

4 Website
Unsure if we need SSL Certificate.
5 The Grid - New Editor
Jackie Ziegler will take over as the manager of the Grid. Thank you Jackie. Kati will send her everything to put a Grid together. We will have a delay in publishing the Grid due to the change.
6 New Business
A) Business Cards

Will check on previous vendor and Jan will order cards for all directors who need them.
B) Stationary

Will check previous vendor and will order stationary. We have an account at Office Depot.
7 Concalls
Discussed travel problem for remote directors - 4-8 hours one way for some members.
Discussed concalls and associated costs.
Moved, seconded, passed to allow concalls for board meetings.
Once a quarter all directors to make attempt to attend board meeting in person.
We will explain to membership how they can still participate in board meetings if they have something to present.
A) The Grid

Jackie Ziegler still manager of The Grid. Thanks again!
B) Kati and Sal

Jan Ran into Kati and Sal at Sebring. They're doing great here in Florida.
C) Shirts

Shelley had a questionm, are shirts available for purchase?
D) Shirt/Sweatshirt Info from Kati

Michael Hammon printed up samples of sweatshirts and t-shirts with USARM Logo embroidered on the front. He will take orders (bulk discounts) $35 sweatshirts, T's $18, long shirts $20. Tape already run so no tape charge. Kati to check on costs for bulk ordering and she will send us his website.
E) CafePress Store

The Website was cancelled from www.cafepress.com\USARM Shirt - we never got anything back from them.
F) MotoGP Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks will supply coffee for 3 days in exchange for some passes. The store burnt down but Shelley will check if this is still a go. Check with Bo about a vendor pass for the Starbucks lady. Ok in Starbucks Cups?