2007 – March


Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Shelley Ulry, Kati James, Rusty Williams & Greg Cupp
Dicrectors Not Present : None
Members Present : None

***** Approved the Minutes of the previous meeting *****

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

B) Correspondence

None received.
C) Con Call

The BOD has approved and begun using conference call capabilities for $49.95 for 1000 min. The BOD will make every attempt to have everyone meet in person as much as possible, to help save as much on the charges as possible. Greg, Shelly, Rusty, and Kati met at Kati's house in Salinas. Jan, Jim S. and Jim H. were present via concall. As usual, Members always encouraged to join meetings.
D) Out of Country Checks

To be returned to payor, too much trouble to try to convert foreign money to US Dollars and the people travel so far anyway.
E) PayPal

Too expensive to use for paying dues online.
F) Banquet

Only approx 30 people signed up. Steve Y. collecting checks. Will be at the same place, Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara.
G) Directors Jackets & Business Cards

Only approx 30 people signed up. Steve Ynzunza collecting checks. Will be at the same place, Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara.
A) Shelley reported account balance as of March 19, 2007 is $22,449.21

Jim H. and Rusty requested further explanations of what expenses are for.

We will be working this event, but separate from Moto, AMA will be in September. May have to order Pickle Flags.
B) Moto

Contract still being reviewed. NMP issues (medics). Free Starbucks in Exchange for passes is still on the table.
C) Skippy

Skippy went out with a bang for the season the end of March. We had a wild fun filled weekend of open wheel cars with street tires that don't stick too well!
A) The Grid

Jackie Ziegler still manager of The Grid. Thanks again!
Adjourned at 7:53pm, next meeting in Fremont April 24, 2007