2007 – May

Via Conference Call

Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Greg Cupp, Kati James & Rusty Williams
Dicrectors Not Present : Shelley Ulry
Members Present : None

***** Approved the Minutes of the previous meeting *****

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

See Roundtable
B) Correspondence

C) Lanyards

Jim H. and Rusty did not get the chance to finalize due to other issues at Reno, tabled for the moment.
D) D) Directors Jackets & Business Cards

Jackets 'should' be in May 16th. Kati will deliver to Rusty & send to LS Jim Hileman, Jim Short & Greg Cupp; others to make arrangements.

Per Jan, business cards came in wrong!!

A) Shelly to update when available, not present at this meeting.
Shelley in process of reimbursing expenses as necessary.

Very similar to Moto GP, very busy with incidents, much lower key than GP, maybe only 100 needed. Jan is point of contact and issue will be brought up at Moto GP.
B) Moto GP

242 people signed up so far. Still need almost 100 more. Military has already responded.
C) POC (Fontana

Full and ready to go!
D) Russell

September may go to 3 days, Fri, Sat, Sun. October may be cancelled altogether, still tentative.
E) June POC Buttonwillow

Full so far.
F) June NCRC Buttonwillow

Full so far.
4 Updates on Events Managers/Contract Status
A) Tabled for now, some contracts still under review.
5 Roundtable
A) Personnel issues: Russell school Email from Jackie. Reno/Fernley email from Russ Hayes Reno/Fernley. USARM looking into buying Radios so corners can communicate at places like Reno/Fernley, as track radios are garbage and unusable. Gas prices and pay rates for course marshals were discussed as well. USARM wants to make a donation to Make a Wish, possible Raffle at Moto GP, USARM will match funds, or direct donation from USARM.
Adjourned at 8:01 pm, next meeting on June 20, 2007