2008 – May

Agenda - USARM Board Meeting

May 27, 2008

Note - MSP Stands for Moved, Seconded, Passed
Present - Jan, Ken, Steve, Kati, Jim H, Jim S
Absent - Greg

1.) Review April Minutes - Moved, Seconded, Passed with changes

Financial Report
1.) Bank Status - Current balance $31,479.27
2) Reimbursements - reviewed and approved 3 reimbursement requests.
3.) Non-Profit Status - Steve to report at June Meeting.

Old Business
1.) Concall Status - Average about $50 per month.
2.) Banquet - Lots of discussion. We have awards to pass out and want to truly celebrate the awards with the recipients. Further discussion came up with some ideas we will investigate further.
3.) PO Box - Steve hasn't called Ron yet to meet and add Steve's name to the PO Box.
4.) Wands from POC - Status of reimbursement. - Kati reported check not here yet.
5.) Equipment Status - Ken will get another lock for the back with a key and will change it out. The only car flags in the back of the trailer are the ones for Coronado. We have bottles that have been popped and need all the bottles redone. Jan recommended a combo lock separate from the side door to ensure some element of security for Moto-GP equipment. And with a combo lock at least someone can call to get the combo if the key is not accessible in an emergency.
6.) New number boards - Kati is going to Sears Point and will drop off two number boards for Jim.
7.) Storage shed for car equipment - Jim H. will let us know the good areas to store the trailer and will report back at the next meeting.
7.) USARM Trailer - Laguna Seca - Jim H. to report back on the areas that are available.
8.) Russell School Status - Jim Short - Contract issue discussed. Our contract is already signed. Russell wants to change the contract now due to SPIR request. We had a lively discussion and Jim S. will keep us updated.
9.) Moto-GP
a.) Status of Contract - Steve and Ted met with Bo. Bo reviewing contract with Ann and Gill. Minor changes and will be good to go.
b.) Budget for Committee - Tabled for next meeting.
c.) Meeting with Kevin Smith - Jan met with Kevin in Salt Lake and updated the Board
d.) Meeting with Dr. Rossi - Jan ran into with Dr. Rossi in Salt Lake. Dave Keifer will be CMO instead of Dr. Ting. Ting will remain close to the med center.
10.) By-Laws - Tabled
11.) USARM events - membership requirement when working our events - Need to change rules on who can run for the board. Must work a minimum number of events. Maybe put that in the by-laws. Same for awards. - Tabled
12.) Issue regarding membership requirements - tabled from last meeting - Tabled
13.) Awards - tabled from last meeting - Tabled
14.) Board Duties - tabled from last meeting. - Tabled

New Business
Ted - Needs new membership cards. MSP to get quotes .
Steve to get quotes on letterhead, envelopes and membership cards.
Jim Short to send trailer bill of sale to Steve.

Round Table
USARM Stickers - Needed graphic. MSP to order stickers for membership
Kati to get a quote and will advise the board of costs.
Kati will get a quote from Michael for hats. Full cover with plastic back adjustable. We'll table this until June.
Training at Moto-GP discussed.

Next Meeting
June 17, 2008 7:00 PM