2008 – June

USARM Board Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2008

Attendees - Jan, Steve, Ken, Kati, Greg, Jim H
Absent - Jim S

Note - MSP Stands for Moved, Seconded, Passed

1.) Review May Minutes - MSP with two changes.


1.) Bank Status - Update from Steve - Deposits to be made

2.) Reimbursements - reimbursements reviewed - forms to be sent to Steve for payment. Kati reported she received the check for the light wands from POC.

3.) Non-Profit Status - Steve to set meetings to get pricing from the accountants.


1.) Banquet - Reviewed quotes from two different sources. Kati checking on one more source.

2.) PO Box - Need update on the issue with the mailing issue with the last GRID. - Ken picked up the Grids. Dave Jansen will check it out.

3.) Equipment Status - Inventory to be done this weekend - Jim Hileman will help with inventory and will be the overall Equipment Manager.

4.) Storage shed and USARM Trailer at Laguna Seca - Tabled until post-Moto-GP

5.) Russell School Status - reviewed new protocol with Russell and SPIR requirements.
6.) Quotes on Letterhead, membership cards, etc. - Kati to send files with logo to Steve.


a.) Status of Contract - Met with Bo, minor changes. Jim checking out lunch caterer to ensure quality for our lunches.

b.) Discussed reimbursement amounts - MSP

c.) Discussed retainer fee early versus at the race - Ken to talk to Bo.

d.) Moto-GP equipment inventory this weekend. Jim Hileman will be our Moto-GP Equipment Manager. Ken to get different combo lock for Moto-GP side of the trailer - MSP

d.) Equipment - Discussion about needing other equipment for other races. Will be discussed post Moto-GP.

e.) Supplies needed for Moto-GP - MSP

Tabled from earlier meetings - will be tabled until after Moto-GP

1.) By-Laws

2.) Membership requirement for working our events

3.) Board Duties and requirement to be a board member.


1.) Back-up for Ron Cowen for Green Flag and other events. - Jim Hileman will be Ron's backup - MSP

2.) Event expectations to qualify for USARM Awards and BOD - tabled

3.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - tabled

4.) Items from Dave Scott - Discussed this gracious gesture. We will reimburse Dave for all the goodies he sent from over the pond - MSP

5.) Back-up training on how to take over events. We need to have a book with the details on what needs to be done just in case someone cannot attend and someone else needs to step in to take over. Recommendation of a Check off list. - Tabled until August. Jan to put together notes to send to all for their review and for everyone to add their own working knowledge to the lists.


1.) Jim H - had inquiry from someone who wanted to work an event at another track but vacant spots were filled with non-members. Discussion about how to fill the vacant spots at our regular events and priority of USARM Members. Tabled until August.

2.) Ken - NCRC - Contract negotiations for 2009 to be discussed.

3.) Ken - Discussion about existing contracts with our regularly scheduled events such as POC, NCRC, Russell, Skip

4.) Jan - Concall information has been left off the last couple of Grids. Kati will remind the Grid Editor of our request to include it monthly.


July 8th - Due to date conflict with Moto-GP track set-up

Call ended at 8:48 pm (Pacific)