2008 – August

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
August 19, 2008

Attendees - Jan, Steve, Ken, Jim H, Jim S, Kati and Greg

July Minutes reviewed and approved. Steve and Kati did not see the minutes. Jan to send them again. Sent.

1.) Review and complete personnel issue regarding letter sent to Kati in July. Discussion. Motion for Kati to be removed. Passed 4 - 3

Ken will provide letter stating the end of her term.

2.) Moto-GP review
a. Overview - Went well with Dorna. Autograph seekers in the paddock caused concern due to Rookie assault issue with a spectator.
b. Reimbursement for those using their own vehicles during the event was overlooked. Motion to give the two drivers same funds as lst year. Yes - 4 No - 1

Change of direction with this discussion. Steve is resigning from the board. At 7:22 pm Steve resigns. Credit cards and all to be returned to Ken.

Change in Agenda
Discussion on who to fill vacancies. By-laws and proposal to by-law changes. We will invite next person with highest number of votes to join the board. Board will invite Shelley Ulry to rejoin.

Jan to contact Carl to request he join the board. Jim H will check with Shelley to see if she is willing to be appointed to the board.

3.) AMA Updates

a. Contract - Bo has the contract. Jim to check with Bo and with the Park Ranger.
b. Sign-ups - 40 now.
c. NMPs - We may not have NMPs at this event due to a conflict with AFM.
d. Reimbursement - Discussion MSP

In the future look into adding an administrative fee or add to equipment fee so we break even .

4.) Financial report - None provided by Steve. No reimbursements reviewed.


1.) By-Laws - come prepared with recommended By-Law changes - Tabled.

2.) Recommendation on awards - Tabled
a. A candidate for an "annual award" must have worked a minimum of 50% of scheduled events - Need more discussion
b. Each individual in charge of worker attendance at an event will submit a copy of that list to the board. The board now has a list of theoretically eligible recipients. - Everyone to submit a list of all workers to the director.
c. Each board member from that list will nominate a candidate or candidates for each award if appropriate. note: each board member is not required to nominate a different individual - need more discussion.
d. That list used for each award, is submitted to the members for a vote at the same time as is the ballot for board elections. If there is a tie, the board decides.
e. Write in votes are permitted as long as the individual has worked 50% of events. The board will determine if the write-in person is eligible - Majority have no idea who they are. Membership is recommended to submit names.
f. A board member and a "volunteer" shall oversee the counting to ensure integrity - Up to the board.
g. the board may make any special awards at its discretion.

5.) Membership requirement when working our events - people working before they pay their membership. Set a timetable on when they need to have their memberships paid. Past issues have been resolved.

Note: Past USARM policy is that every member should pay their membership by the second event they work. The event organizer is supposed to collect membership dues in the form of a check or retain membership fees from the reimbursement at the end of the weekend. A completed membership form ad the dues are to be sent to the membership chairman immediately following the event. We know there are many members who worked more than half a year in 2008 before it was determined they had not paid membership yet. Will discuss further.

6.) Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments - Tabled

7.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship. Set discussion for another meeting.

8.) Back-up training on how to take over events. We need to have a book with the details on what needs to be done just in case someone cannot attend and someone else needs to step in to take over. Recommendation of a Check off list. Jan to put together notes to send to all for their review and for everyone to add their own working knowledge to the lists. Jan working on this.

1.) Need more focus on Training - Issues at pre-historics.

2.) Charitable Donations - Recommend giving to the Ozuko Camp again. They had problems with the recent fires. Jim Short checking on them. Need check for the upcoming POC event. Need Financial situation resolved quickly since both Kati and Steve had signing authority but are no longer on the board.

3.) Virginia City Hill Climb - Jerry Huff contacted Jim Short about providing workers. Jim Short to check with Jerry again and we might then put out a call for anyone interested in working that event but it will not be overseen by USARM.

4.) Bank Letter - Need letter to the bank to remove Kati and Steve from the bank account and add new treasurer and secondary signature. Jan to send to Ken.

Next Meeting: September 16th
Meeting ended at 8:29 pm