2009 – April

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
April 27, 2009

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Ron, Chris, Rosebud

REVIEW MINUTES - MSP - Reviewed and approved by all


1)   Review of Financials
a) Balance for End of March is 3/30/09 – $15,740.84 Balance.
b) $10 bounced check charge – money order only. Add to by-laws or policy/procedures manual.


1)   Merchandise – Inventory completed on all USARM Merchandise.

2)   Corporate Status – Update on our last Corporate meeting with Angele

I.) New Tax ID and need corporate phone number available through Information
II.) Resellers license coming
III.) Inventory Status from both tracks – Inventory complete at Laguna and Sears Point

3)   Trailer Status
I.) Jack stands bought - Bo said we could borrow their floor jack to do it. Jim will have the tires/valve stems repaired.
II.) Rich to call Steve Yzunza about the USARM license plate – He doesn’t have it. No idea where it is.

4)   Awards
I.) Awards for 2008 – Discussed, final decisions to be set at next meeting

5)   Event Managers
I.) Meeting Held with current Event Managers
II.) Event Manager duties listing to be finalized and sent out – Jan to finish updates.
III.) Event Manager authority to buy other items as needed - for ice, soda, water, etc.
IV.) Need details of what training is required for a new worker before they go on course.
V.) Too hard for new people to get on a list to come work an event and get trained – Discussed at Event Manager meeting. It would be good to have them work Black Flag to learn to listen to the radio, concentrate on car numbers, etc. Recommend we put new workers at the active turns with experienced people for more opportunity and provide hand book prior to working. Particulars of each event to be put on a hand out for the workers. Possibly create a check sheet to ensure we cover everything. Include the hand signals.

6)   Contracts
I.) Moto-GP – Removing the $10K retainer from the contract – no longer required. Other changes made by Ted.
II.) Other contracts – Discussed all other contracts and status.
III.) PCA – Ron and Chris met with PCA President to discuss possibly working an event at Spring Mountain, Nevada Racetrack same weekend as our Coronado. They want to work it with 4-5 workers, we do not feel comfortable with that few workers. Put this information in the next Grids to get members interest and put together a worker roster.

7)   GRID
a) I.) Chris and Ron took care of the Grid due to Mickey’s surgery.

8)   Banquet
I.) Update – Ron, Chris and Rosebud met with the guy at the BBQ place. Reviewed the agreement with the new manager there. Rosebud will meet with her soon to sign an agreement.

9)   General Membership Meeting
a) I.) At Moto-GP – Saturday night prior to BBQ dinner

10)   Training - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignmen ts. Remove from minutes. Refer to Committee List

11)   Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship - Talk to Corporate Attorney
I.) Need Training format for new members and for refresher training.
II.) All Event Managers need to be responsible for doing training and keeping track of it. Each month they should cover another issue. What's the hand signal for ??? What flag would you use for this? Need to stress what to do if you are out of communications – wave a white flag and blow a whistle.
III.) We will put something in the Grid that if people want to get trained they can contact an Event Manager. Team with another experienced worker - no pay for that first weekend but they have to be a member?
IV.) Need Training Check List of what to cover.
V.) How to ensure training for Moto-GP personnel - Each Turn Marshal will be held responsible for training? Training sessions on Thursday and Friday. We can give the Turn Marshals a check list of what to cover.
VI.) Proposal to pay the trainees back their membership fee discussed.
VII.) Jim and Mike to come up with training format for new folks. Booklet to sign off as training completed? Certificate of training?
VIII.) Moto-GP Training focus - Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday.
IX.) Booklet for each worker to sign off on their training – USARM Training Program?
X.) Test for all workers online? - Jim will write up a test (Jim - include TPAS please!)

12)   New Website
I.) It’s working great. People are using Paypal. Cost to USARM is minimal for ease of renewing membership online.

New Business

1)   Photogs at Moto-GP
I.) We will not have photogs at Moto-GP. Both last years photogs have been contacted.

2)   Membership Fees
I.) Non-US Members – Corporate rules say everyone has to pay. Paypal now available to help with this.
II.) Lifetime members are grandfathered in.

Round Table

Next Meeting – May 19th

Meeting closed at 9:57 pm