2009 – August

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2009

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Ted, Chris, Ron, Rosebud
Absent - Mike, Jim

Financial Report - None

Grid - Mickey working on putting one together. Need more articles to Mickey. Kenny gave Jan details on an article to send for the Grid.

Training - Put off discussions for now since Jim isn’t here.

Corporation Status
1) Angele – Next meeting with her next Wednesday, September 2nd
Inventory Status
1) Need to get Trailer key back from former event manager.
Client Updates
1) POC feedback. Jan to review letter and return to Ron.
1) Need to start working on Moto-GP 2010
2) Contract – look into possibly increasing fee due to USARM.
3) Ron to call RJ Gordy about article for the GRID.
Round Table
1) In Moto-GP Acceptance – Disclaimer regarding conflicting events.
2) Historics Contract – Talk to Ted on Wednesday night.

This was the quickest meeting yet