2009 – September

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2009

Attendees - Ron, Chris, Ken, Jan, Rosebud, Jim
Absent: Mike

Special Guest - USARM Member – Corporate Counsel – Erica
1) Concerned for the club about legal tax issues of old corporation versus new corporation. New Corporation is USARM, Inc. Not the full name.
2) Reviewed Contract approval policy.
3) Check signing policy – if the check is over $X maybe require 2 signatures.
4) Trade-Mark Issue. Should be no issue due to totally different business. We can also get our logo trade-marked and our name. $275-$325. Then 5-6th year updated. Then renewed every 10 years. Erica will help with that. On the trademark application we have to let them know when we first started to use it. Do we want to start when we first started to use it? Check with Angele for liability can we use the 1959 date or should we use the 2009 date.
5) Motion to cover cost for dinner with Erica where some of the Board will have a face to face with her to review docs and discuss further. MSP

The Board of Directors thanks Erica for offering her time and counsel on our new set-up. We sure have lots of talent in this club!

Financial Report - Final checks from old account mailed. Rosebud is moving funds into the new account.

Grid - Need to check on last Grid online. Need new Grid out.

1) Formal Training documents for each event. What has to happen to call an alert? Impact, rollover or fire, driver slumped over. Separate document of reach different client since their procedures are different – one club from the other.
2) Review with Event Managers.
3) Send Event Training listing to all Directors - Jan
4) Certificate should say they have passed the training.
5) Put the test online. Have them take the test and submit it online. Who would grade it? How many times can they retake the test if they do not pass?
Corporation Status
1) Next meeting – Wednesday September 16 – 7:00 pm
2) By-Laws Review – We are very close to being done.
Inventory Status
1) Trailer Key – Got it back.
Client Updates
1) POC – Email received and discussed.
2) PCA – Ron emailed them and followed up. No reply yet.
3) NASA – Approached by Nasa to work their events. Safety concerns still exist. We will look into this further.
4) Historics – Steve Earle turned it over to Laguna Seca to run.
5) Russell – Contract has been fine as is. 2 more events this year.
6) Skippy – Send letter to Skippy regarding new contract.
1) Schedule Moto-GP meeting
A)       Contract – look into possibly increasing fee due to USARM.
2) Ron was going to call RJ for article – Ron emailed RJ. Forget it at this point.
Round Table
1) HMSA – will buy pizzas for the workers.

Meeting Closed 8:35 pm

Next Meeting : October 20th – 7 p.m.