2009 – October

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2009

Attendees - Ron, Ron, Chris, Jan, Jim, Mike
Absent - Ken (approved), Rosebud (approved)

Financial - Quarterly reports completed. Funds still due from HMSA - $4K+. $1,000 still due from SCRAMP for the deposit on the t-shirts that we covered. Old Checking account is now closed. Everything is being done through the new account.

Mickey will post the quarterly report on the GRID.

Yellow Pages – Letter handled by Ron so we are now officially in the phone book and on 411 information.

Status of Grid
1. About ready to go. Ron gave Mickey the go ahead. Ron and Chris Vlastelica will mail out Grid to those without email.
2. Notification of Election Status for this year – Jan to put something together to send to Mickey - sent.
1. POC – Letter – Ron – Kati sent letter to Ron and Chris that came from Nancy. Social Security numbers were reported wrong by POC. Equipment rental – do we owe taxes on the rental? No - we do not since we were not a corporation at the time. Tax responsibility goes to the person who signed the contract. There are 2 events we may owe for. Jan to review.
2. PCA – We are not doing anything with them. No response to Ron’s letter
3. NASA – Ron talked to Bill King about NASA.
4. HMSA – No further updates
5. Russell – No new contract yet. Ron sent contract for signing to them. They are planning on us for 2010.
6. Skippy – Jan to check on status.
Corporate Status
1. Review Procedure format
2. Feedback and changes - Jan to send out two more procedures before Wednesday night - Sent
1. Logo – We’re going back to old Logo with no motorcycle or car in the triangles. And only one “L”. Ron will run that by Angele.
2. Jim – We want to put worker training test on the web. He’ll do the grading of the tests and we’ll figure out a stamp or something to do to mark their membership cards with the training. Mickey will work on about putting it on the website. Need to look at the Certifications document.
How do we do the signature? Jan to find out from Linda at IMSA.

Next Board Meeting is November 17th at 7 pm

Corporate Meeting tomorrow – October 28th with Angele at 7 pm

Meeting ended at 8:02 pm