2009 – December

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
December 15, 2009

Attendees - Ron, Chris, Mike, Jan, Ken, Jim, Rosebud (Called in from the road and proxy given to Ron)

Meeteing Start 7:09 PM

1. Rosebud will send later. We received the $4,500 check from HMSA for the rooms we took care of at Coronado and it has been deposited.
2. Ted and Rosebud sent a note to Bo at SCRAMP regarding the check for the t-shirts.
3. Balance - $14,189.12
Minutes - Minutes from November - MSP.
1. Russell – Jim – Updated Contract sent to clients with new logo. Ron to send All a copy of the Russell Contract.
2. NASA – Jim – Met with Jerry. Draw up a contract and Jerry will sign it. 3 Dates at Thunderhill. Possibly adding new venues later. Jim sent update to the directors. Ron will check and will send update to everyone.
3. Chump Car – Need to determine the number of workers for Willow Springs. Sears is January 9 and 10. 2–7 hour Enduros. Jim and Ron Cowen got 19 workers set up for their first event. Ron talked to him on Monday night. Discussion about historical concerns. Talked the basics. Contract details discussed and agreed.
     A.) T-Hill, Buttonwillow and Willow Springs contract details discussed and agreed. BBQ on Saturday night for all. 2 spare workers for relief. 22 workers will be fine for coverage. Paul Einhorn is the Starter and does not fall under USARM. We do not provide GRID or Black Flag. 35-40 cars will run.
     B.) 3 solutions on the pay discussed. Mike sent in write-up with some verbiage.
     C.) Ron to send the Directors the contract. We will provide list of people participating. Ron will send the contract out to all of us to look over prior to sending to John. Specific contract for January event due to timing of the event. Ron and Jim will discuss separately.
     D.) Button Willow and Willow Springs and Auto Club Speedway – set-up 80 miles as the window where we would need rooms.
     E.) Equipment fee discussed MSP. Jim will work on the total numbers, paid prior to the event. If paid prior it is noted that USARM is a courier only. We will have to cut 1099s for all the workers. They are responsible for the landline or radios for use during the weekend. $10 food allowance. BBQ should be free for workers. Check prior and we will disperse to workers. This is a one event agreement to determine our actions going forward. Vote – 6 Yes, 1 No
4. 24 Hours of LeMons – Dan Radowitz – First race in February. Ron and Jim to work on that contract.
5. Sprint Car – Mike met with them. Talked to the club president for Silver Dollar Fairgrounds. They are interested in us presenting a contract to Handy Racing Productions. Mike will draw up a proposal. Northern Auto Race Club currently works the event and the Fairgrounds wants a more organized group. First event is first week of April.
6. Historics – Looks like SCCA will be doing the Pre-Historics and the Historics. Chris from HMSA will be talking to BO.
7. Skippy – Call Jim Hileman regarding Skippy. – Action Jan
8. Moto-GP – Jan to work with Ted and Mickey to put up the Apps. Already completed by Ted and Mickey.
Training - Jim Short – Training Test online. It’s up and online. Couple of wrinkles to work out – housekeeping stuff. Need a way to score it and then pass that along to whomever is going to score it. Jim completed test for motorcycle people only. You can print out the results and it gives you the written answers. Jim will collect scores and will pass that along to Ted. Mike will volunteer to send out a certificate. Mike and Jim to come up with a Diploma/Certificate that can be sent out that says they passed the certification. Jan to get the signature to add to the Certificate.
1. Need new Board Members to sign the Conflict of Interest Policy. Need disclosure of other groups.
2. Meeting with Angele cancelled. Reschedule for 2010. Ron to work that with her. All procedures to be finalized and ready to go.

Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next Board Meeting January 19th – 7 pm