2010 – January

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2010

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Jim, Chris, Rosebud, Mike
Guest – Ted
Absent – Ron – Out of the country

Meeteing Start 7:09 PM

Financial Balance - $10,268.66 as of 1-15-2010
1. CHUMP Car – Contract signed with Chump Car. First race - Willow Springs at the Streets.
A.) They do not allow turn worker vehicles on the course. Workers will be outside the fence.
B.) Jim Short, Rosebud and Bob King are coordinating the issue.
C.) Bruce Brunner worked Sears Point and said it went fine. Paul Einhorn was the Starter. 14 hours and 5-6 Full course yellows.
D.) Rosebud and Kevin Griffin will be added to the Chump Car List.
E.) Need to give office at Willow Springs the whole list of who is working that race. We only need flags, nothing else. We made arrangements for Infineon to bring down the flags. Rosebud will bring down the flags. Jim will let Frank know he does not need to bring the flags down. 6 sets plus the starter set.
F.) If signs of lightning – we will pull the workers are out of there.
G.) USARM Fees plus rooms will be provided. $150 for equipment. Town House Hotel is the hotel. 8 rooms on a time-sharing basis.
H.) Need clarification of the deposit from Chump Car that should be in there 7 days prior to the event. The deposit should be in there 7 days prior to the event which would be this coming Friday.
2. NASA – Jim – Met with Jerry. Draw up a contract and Jerry will sign it. 3 Dates at Thunderhill. Possibly adding new venues later. Jim sent update to the directors. Ron will check and will send update to everyone.
A.) Jim short sent contract to them. They should have it and we should get it back signed.
B.) Need schedule for NASA and Chump Car to post on the Website and on the GRID.
3. Russell School - still working out their schedule.
4. Moto-GP
A.) Dates changed on the applications. Ted will double check and will send to Mickey.
B.) Contract – Jan to make the changes and send to Ted. MSP.
5. Other Clients - Ted talked to Bo beginning of January about possibly other events.
Grid - Jan to script articles for the GRID.
1. Mickey had several valid points about specific track issues and specific events – where do our workers find the specific information on our website?
2. Jim will rename the test so it’s not membership specific. This will be a test to review the training documentation. Jim will make changes to the questions as needed.
3. The Board to review the questions and provide the feedback. Motion to push forward with Mickey having the testing on our website. Need to get the hand-signals up on the website. Jim will review the website to make sure the answers are readily available.
4. Jim will be adjusting the test every so often to keep it fresh.
5. We discussed a business card saying the person is certified.
6. Jan to review the tests again and provide feedback to Jim by the 1st of February.
7. Motion – Leave the testing and tracking of scores with Mickey instead of with the outside company. MSP
1. Question for Mike – Sprint Car Dirt Races – Mike talked to Mr. Sullivan about it. And he talked to the Promoter. Mike will update us after he talks to them again. They start racing at the end of March/Beginning of April.
2. Mike – Webpage – He is going to send some recommendations to Mickey.
3. Corporate Meetings – Nothing scheduled at this time.

Motion to end the meeting – MSP Meeting ended 8:37 pm

Next Meeting February 16th – 7 pm