2010 – February

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2010

Attendees - Ken, Chris, Jan, Mike, Ron (from Africa)
Guest – Ted
Absent – Jim, Rosebud (Rosebud sent notes)

Financial Financial Report – All outstanding payments to USARM have been received and deposited. Expenses are up to date.
1. Historics – Contract for Historics. Do we/they want us to try to work it? We will check with SCRAMP now that they are promoting the event.
2. Chump Car
A.) Report from last event – Fantastic event.
B.) Schedule going forward
3. NASA – Contract update – Jim in touch with NASA and will update all at next meeting.
4. Russell – Jim has contract into Russell – Update will come soon.
5. Moto-GP
A.) Contract update - MSP
B.) Medical update – Dr. Ting and Tuan will be back.
C.) BARF – Jan posted on their website.
D.) Discussion on personnel.
E.) Camping – Need someone in charge of Camping. Discussed recommended personnel. MSP to ask them to take on that role.
1. Legal representation – Angele and how much help do we need/want – Angele proposed contract for this year. Looking for quarterly meetings.
2. By-laws update – Jan to finish by end of February and send to all.
3. Trademark update – Signed the electronic paperwork. We have registered USARM as our Trademark and also covers the logo. It’s in the process of being worked for $350
4. Corporate Meetings - Jan to call Angele to get an update.
5. Official notices to our lawyer - $80 a year. MSP
6. Corporate Meetings – Nothing scheduled at this time.
1. Tests updated? Jim needs to update us on this. Ted sent out the tests the other day. White flag when out of comm.
1. Turn Boxes at Laguna Seca - update - $3,000 was to repair the boxes and put tops on them. Someone will check with Laguna on the status.
2. Website - Event Schedule online needs to be updated. Board reps of each event need to send Mick their schedules
3. Recommendation from Jan - Facebook - MSP
4. Board Positions - All Board Members will remain in their respective positions for 2010
5. Ron is coming home from Africa in about 30 days. Back around March 15th .
6. The Board is extremely grateful for Ron's call from Africa into tonight's meeting.

Next Meeting March 16th – 7 pm