2010 – April

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2010

Attendees: Jan, Ken, Chris, Ted, Rosebud, Mike, Jim
Absent: Ron-Approved - Note: Ron is on a work assignment in Africa.
Guest – Ted

Reference: MSP stands for Moved, Seconded, Passes

Ron’s absence
Chris to get proxy from Ron for his vote. Ken will serve in Ron’s absence and will remain Vice-President. MSP

Financial Report
Rosebud. Balance at END of March $13,692.48. Balance today $13,842.32

Turn Covers
$3,000 to Laguna for the phone box covers. We approved this expense several years ago and Laguna is now ready to move forward. Rosebud will meet with Anne to present her with the check for the covers.

PO Box - PO Box is paid for another year.

1. Applications - we have over 250 applications already. Several of the regulars have not signed up yet. Ted has been contacting them to get their apps in or we may have to do the race without them
2. BBQ – We have access to a chef who does catering who will do it for us for much less than what we paid last year. MSP – headcount 350
3. Inventory on Trailer – Ted coordinating the inventory update.
4. Extra yellows for AMA – We have them

Jim needs to get equipment trailer moved from Sears Point down to Laguna. Rosebud will arrange to get it moved down to Laguna.

Corporate Status

We’re fine and up to date. Jan to send our approved processes and procedures to Mickey to add to the website.

Meeting Ended 8:24 pm

Next Meeting – May 18th