2010 – July

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
July 13th, 2010

Attendees: Ron, Ken, Jan, Chris, Rosebud, Jim
Guest – Ted, Mickey

Financial Report
1. Rosebud will send us the financials after this meeting.
2. Need to talk to Angele regarding financials. Rosebud to send financials to Angele.
3. Deposits and invoices all up to date.
1. Social – Rosebud to purchase the tables approved in June Meeting.
2. Inventory – Completed
     a) Bottles have been recharged
     b) Concern about Yellow flags – We have plenty
     c) C02 bottles not required for e-bikes
3. Camping – Roster for Camping in process. Notifications still coming in.
4. Thursday Track Inspection – moved to 4 pm instead of 10 am so we have more time.
5. Jim will do registration in worker camping.
6. Cancellations still coming in. Late inquiries – not enough time to get paperwork to them.
7. Need to pick up plates, silverware, etc. for BBQ. Jan, Chris and Ron will work out picking up all that stuff.
8. Awards/Trinkets for best corner prizes – We can pick up bags of candy (non-meltable) to use as awards.
9. Doug Smith will do the training sessions in worker camping.
10. General Membership Meeting – Friday Night
Need a Ballot to vote on the By-laws
Round Table
1. Jan arriving Tuesday afternoon
2. Ron and Chris arriving Tuesday
3. Ted and Ken will be there on Wednesday
4. Mickey arriving on Thursday. Mickey will be in Race Control doing Logistics dispatching.
5. Since inspection isn’t until 4 pm on Thursday we have extra time to get everything done and with the extra people arriving early we will have lots of help.
6. BBQ on Saturday night. Rosebud will pick up the big BBQ on Friday.

Next Meeting – August 17th