2010 – August

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2010

Attendees: Jan, Ken, Ron, Chris, Jim, Rosebud
Guest – Mickey, Ted

Discussed Ron's recent hospitalization with malaria.

Financial Report - Rosebud will send us the financials.
1. Balance - $14,967.06 Balance.
2. Corporate Attorney Status - Angele met with Ron shortly after the Moto-GP. Final Corporate book with all the paperwork and contract details will be presented to Ron shortly.
3. Tax Status - Taxes due. Rosebud sending Quick-books. Ron talked to Erica at Moto-GP and they are arranging for the Tax person will go over the books and will get them filed.
General Membership Meeting
1. Year End Statement - Minutes of General Membership meeting - send to directors and to Ron.
2. Opened meeting, discussed by-laws and policies and procedures. Discussed elections in the fall and to contact Ron or Jan. Then opened for general questions which were more related to the race.
3. Final numbers - 277 members present. 162 cast votes. 161 - yes and 1 - no. By-Laws accepted.
1. Ted gave Rosebud $10K+. Balance
2. County paid for the camping and for the $100. Paid Laguna the $2,000 for the lunches.
3. Third Draggin Wagon at Turn 8 will be needed next year for Moto-GP.
4. Pit Fire - We do not have enough people and with extra crew for extra Draggin Wagon we will let SCRAMP continue to monitor Pit Fire.
5. Adjust verbiage on the contract to include numbers for the additional draggin wagon and to allow for cancellations.
Electronic balloting for this election. Jan and Mickey to work on that together.
Cafe Press - Account opened in '96 or '97 by Rob, Stuart and Carrie and we need to get money from them and/or change the Logo. Contact Café Press to find out who opened that account, what account is it linked to. We need to change the logo and link it to the correct account.
Round Table
1. Jim Short paid a compliment to Mickey for a job well done.
2. Ron paid Jim Short a huge compliment for his 14+ Hour long day on Thursday doing registration.
3. Ken will be gone for September and October on his yearly Alaska trip. Ken gave Ron his proxy to vote on anything.

Next meeting - September 21st