2010 – September

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2010

Attendees: Jan, Ron, Chris, Rosebud
Absent - Ken, Jim
Guest – Ted, Mickey

1. Electronic Voting Software testing completed.  All concerns addressed
2. Token limits the voter to be only the person with that specific email and that token
3. Hard Copy Ballot will be sent to all who request one
4. All email addresses for active members will receive ballot to vote.  Couples using the same email may request additional ballot for second person.
5. Only current members and lifetime members may vote.
Cafe Press
1. Mickey has been talking to them to get Logo updated and determine available balance in account
1. Concerns of workers – time to get autographs.  We will address with Laguna and Dorna for possible exception.  There are no other exceptions at any other track.
2. Requesting updated Safety Video from Dorna to update training
Financial Report
1. Rosebud gave Ron updated disk at Coronado.
1. Ron to get with Corporate Counsel
Terms of office
1. Ron raised concern regarding his Board activity given a possible return to Africa discussed.  No decision made at this time.
Other events
1. Sears Point – Only workers allowed are employees of the track.  USARM had exemption for many years but that has ended.
2. Coronado – Ted is still Event Manager for HMSA and Coronado.  Worker injured on Scooter crash.
3. NASA – Jan to check with Jim
4. Other event previously discussed – We are pursuing this opportunity for a national engagement.

Next Meeting – October 19, 2010