2010 – October

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
October 19, 2010

Attendees: Jan, Ron, Chris, Jim, Rosebud
Absent - Ken (excused)
Guest – Mickey

Financial Report - Balance after Coronado and other expenses - $14,705
1. Bruce Brunner will count paper ballots
2. Deadline discussed
3. Contact for paper ballots will be Ron by phone and Jan by email
4. 3 positions open in 2011.
5. Ron to send blast to USARM Emai list.
6. Some candidate statements have been received by WebMaster and they are ready to go.
1. Articles to Mickey
2. Mickey has Grid ready to go but is waiting on a few bits of information from Board Members.  We will have those to him within 2 days.
Report will be written by Ron and Chris to send to Mickey.
Original USARM Board person who set up our account cannot remember his email address from back then. He no longer lives in this area and has had several different email addresses since way back then.  We will get legal involved to get it all sorted out.
Agent availability to be confirmed for upcoming year.
Final 2010 receivables will be pulled and deposited in early November.

Next Board Meeting – November 16th 7 pm Pacific Time