2010 – November

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
November 16th, 2010


Attendees: Ron, Chris, Ken, Jan, Rosebud
Absent - Jim
Guest – Mickey

Thank you to the Board for adjusting the BOD Schedule at the last minute – Jan

Financial Report – Balance $14,644.00

Corporation – Discussed Corporate counsel and follow-up


A.) All Candidates have submitted statements that have been reviewed and readied for the election.

B.) 3 positions are open this year for the 2011/2012 term.

C.) Electronic Voting tested and certified with invitation, ballot and acknowledgement

D.) Requests for paper ballots received and will be sent with Election Manager return address

E.) Deadline will be to either have the ballots post-marked by December 3rd or electronic voting will be done on or before December 3rd.

Café Press - Still working on resolution


A.) USARM Name – Trademark Certified

B.) USARM Logo – Double checking on certification


A.) Green Flag – due to reduction in sign-ups for their last 3 events in 2010 – the remaining Green Flag events have been cancelled for 2010

B.) NASA – Jan to check with Jim on Status

C.) Chump Car – Ron has called into Chump Car

D.) Moto-GP

a. Jan and Mickey to contact DORNA on updated Safety Training Video and written brochures, handouts, etc regarding corner working

b. Add to next month’s agenda – Resolution for Ted to manager Moto-GP once again


A.) Will discuss Forums during next month’s meeting

B.) Webmaster has several things in the works


A.) Articles for GRID

B.) Moto-GP activities to ramp-up shortly

Round Table

A.) Rosebud let us know that Beverly Morgan sent him copies of a magazine showing Rosebud on the cover – hard at work. Autographed copies are available from Rosebud or a reasonable "donation". LOL Thanks Bev!

Next Meeting - Due to Christmas Holiday our next meeting will be December 14th