2010 – December

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
December 14, 2010


Attendees: Jan, Ken, Jim, Rosebud, Ron
Absent - Chris
Guest – Ted, Mickey

Reviewed document received from Independent Financial services – reviewed and discussed response – Ted will respond.

Congratulations to Mickey who has been re-elected to the Board.


A.) Highest election result in our known history.

B.) Mickey will add Ron’s note to the website.

Financials – Rosebud – No changes – MSP to accept

A.) Financials taken to Angele – unable to open the report. Ron to meet with Angele on Friday.

Logo – Trademark confirmed. Motion to reimburse Erica for her trade-mark work. Reviewed monies.

FIM Training Video - Mickey will contact Paul Butler

Chump Car – Letter to John – Received contact to work West coast Races

Resolution for Ted to do Moto-GP be voted on at next meeting.

Next Meeting - January 11th