2011 – January

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Mickey, Ken, Jim, Chris, Ron, Rosebud
Absent - Chris
Guest – Ted Kuwada

Note: An announcement was made in the last Grid to all current members inviting them to join meetings. No one attended.

Financials – Balance $13,182.01 – all bills paid up to date.

Corporation Status – Ron met with Angele last month. 2010/2011 – EOG $100 and she will be retained as our agent with the state and the federal.

Corporate Meeting - December 14, 2010

1.) Problems reading disk with QuickBooks but reviewed paper back-up.

2.) Only concerns shown were a negative shown under the column of assets. She gave Ron some recommendations.

3.) File with all original corporation forms and our seal is retained by Ron

4.) Transfer of all the assets to the new corporation – Attachment with equipment list, trailers and values need to be attached as an addendum to a monthly report. That will be added to 2009

5.) Corporate Book – Certificate with Board Members and list of members. Mickey will generate the PDF of the membership. 2011 list will be generated after the Bike Race.

Jan to send copies of all the procedures and policies to all board members along with the letter


1.) Resolution to appoint Ted Kuwada as Moto-GP Event Manager with all authorities previously assigned and granted. Set dollar amount at $2,000 – Same as resolution for last year.

2.) Grid and Online Applications will be available at the end of January.

3.) Contract – Add the extra Draggin Wagon and additional personnel requested.

4.) Camping Coordinator – Mickey will coordinate the camping and Rosebud will do Camping again.

5.) Banquet – To be discussed later

6.) Inventory – Ted and Ken to schedule

7.) Ken and Ted will schedule to have bottles redone.

8.) Jan to call Ted regarding the Draggin Wagon Drivers/Crews.

Election to Board Positions

1.) Everyone on the current Board is eligible for any position based on past service to the Board

President – Jim Short - unanimous

Vice-President – Mickey Housel - unanimous

Secretary – Jan Kaufman - unanimous

Treasurer – Rosebud Vlastelica – unanimous

Training Records – Jan will maintain the training records once the training is up and running. 70% is set as the passing grade. Jan will email everyone who takes the test with a congratulations email. The wording about taking the test with the notice that the answers are in the manual.

Mickey talked to Paul Butler about training and also contacted Bo and Judy at Laguna regarding updated Fim/DORNA training documents.

Chump Car - General Discussion – Ron talked to John. Another Gentleman is coordinating the workers.

Lemons 24 Hour – Jim will contact Dan Radowitz again.

NASA – Event went well. Local people had full complement of workers and only a couple of our USARM people worked the event due to communication issue with NASA and locals and us.

Round Table

Thank you to Ron for stepping into the role of President and keeping an open mind, a level head, and leadership to get our club healthy both fiscally and organizationally.

Next Meeting - February 15, 2011