2011 – March

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2011


Attendees: Jan, Ken, Mickey, Ron, Chris, Jim & Rosebud
Guest – Ted Kuwada


1.) Contract to Bo – Camping Security, Draggin Wagon, adjusted the wording on the contract for the extra personnel. All changes to the contract are in Blue for Bo to review and sign.

2.) Draggin Wagon – Meeting with Rob and all and Ted. Jan to set up the meeting to discuss 3 trucks and personnel.

3.) Inventory – not scheduled yet.

4.) Need to order lanyards and pass holders

5.) Check with AMA on our flags that we did not get back – one yellow and one green.

6.) Need to order more flags. Motion to get 12 yellow and 4 greens - Find out where we ordered the flags – MSP

7.) Jan to send email to Ann Bixler regarding the schedule and time we need to clear the track.

8.) New training CD from Dorna/FIM received and Mickey will put it up for our workers.

9.) Camping – Jan, Rosebud and Mickey met on Saturday, February 19th.



1.) Executive Chef at Chef’s A La Cart – Motion to use him as the cook again this year. MSP

2.) Motion to have the same menu as last year - MSP


Corporation Status

1.) Accountant

a.) Ron will pass along contact information he has to the Board.

b.) Rosebud looking for local accountant in Gilroy.



1.) Balance – $13,249.29 as of 3/14/2011

2.) California corporation forms to be filed in May 2011

3.) Reviewed deposits and payments have been made

4.) Tax check has cleared – Everything is up to date and on time.



1.) Mickey to call Ron Cowen to check about events for both Shelby and Green Flag.


Minutes from February reviewed - MSP.


Round Table

1.) Rosebud - Make a friend campaign at the track

2.) Ron – Possibly look at Skype for a cost reduction.


Next Meeting - April 19, 2011