2011 – December

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2011


Attendees: Jim, Kenny, Mickey, Jan, Ron, Chris, Rosebud
Guest – Ted Kuwada



1.) 124 Ballots cast out of 379 – 32.7% return overall

2.) Electronic Balloting – 116 Ballots Cast

3.) US Mail – 16 ballots mailed, 8 returned

4.) Result – Electronic Balloting proven to return highest percentage of return from our members.

5.) Reviewed results.

a. Re-elected to the Board – Jim Short and Rosebud

b. Elected to the Board – Debra Cerny

c. Next highest vote count – Ted Kuwada. Ted was appointed to the Board and accepted the appointment.

Congratulations to Jim, Rosebud, Debra and Ted

6.) Jim to reach out to Debra with election update.

7.) Jan to reach out to Debra and schedule time to review Board Logistics and to go through the Processes and Procedures.


New Opportunity Update

1.) Proposals sent

2.) We will touch back in early January to proceed with plans for 2012 and future


Financial Update

1.) Bank Balance $16,212.90 after reprinting costs


Round Table

1.) A huge thank you to Ron and Chris Vlastelica for their service on the Board. Discussion encompassed the leadership and direction they brought to the Board and how instrumental they were in resolving issues and setting the club onto the proper course for fiscal responsibility.


Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm

Next Meeting - January 17th, 2012