2012 – January

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2012


Attendees: Jan, Jim, Mickey, Ken, Debra, Rosebud
Absent: Ted Kuwada


Officers elected

Treasurer – Rosebud

Secretary – Jan

VP – Mickey

President – Jim


Annual Resolutions

Ken raised discussion about the 2012 Resolution for Moto-GP for Ted. Jan to create the 2012 Resolution for Ted for Moto-GP – Manager, financial decisions, Accepting, assigning and moving people, etc.



1.) Several emails have already come in looking for Apps. Discussed with the Board.

2.) Recommendation to put Moto-GP Application online this year – Mickey will reach out to Ted.

3.) Put in a note at the bottom of the application that submitting this application constitutes you are agreeing to certain stipulations – Mickey working on that now.

4.) Usually the Application goes online around March 1st. Recommendation we hold off for now.

5.) Further discussion at the next meeting.



1.) Discussion on what to do about Money orders, Cashier’s checks, and other out of the country checks – Debra states there should not be a difference. Rosebud to check further and advise the Board.

2.) Membership will remain at $25.

3.) Lifetime Membership discussion – since the vote has to be unanimous we will wait until we have a full Board for discussion.



1.) FIM Training is online now – Mickey recommended we shoot our own training videos and put them online.

2.) Deb recommended we approach a specific person she named to narrate. She will reach out to him.

3.) Mickey, Deb and Rosebud will reach out to members/volunteers to film an updated training video.

4.) We might want to check with Tri-Country about doing a fire-school.

5.) Also seeking private property to film

6.) Rosebud to check with Rangers on doing a fire school in the Pistol Range.


Financial Update

1.) 16,855.83 Balance


Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm

Next Meeting - February 21st, 2012