2013 – June

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2013


Attendees: Jan, Doug, Ted, Ken, Jim, Mark, Rosebud
Absent: Deb



Deposit $2,060 in membership checks. Balance is $16,710.26



Ted will pull some money from Paypal


Inventory (Completed)

Whistles - Qty 600
Clipboards - Qty 300


Race Business

Mick Brown - We would like him to Run the Crew. We wanted him to do that all along.
Kevin Bigley - Draggin Wagon - Jan will talk to him
Poster - Doug created poster and Ted will run it by Gil Campbell
Banquet - Rosebud will finalize stuff with Rochelle on Sunday.
Tickets - Ted working with Ginger on the tickets. They wanted to do 3 separate tickets. Our request is only 1
Patches and Pins - Maybe pass those out in ziplock bags in the Turn Marshall Bags

Other Business

Underwoods - Need their apps - Jan to tie out with them this weekend
Mike Texieria - Wife is working also.
BARF - Notice out on BARF - Jan to check
Check with Mickey Housel about Admin Access for USARM.NET
Security Certificate - Did Mickey buy one or generate one himself. Let Mark know.
Donation or Flowers for Kathy - Flowers and $100 donation


Next Meeting - June 18th, 2013