2005 – April


Present: Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Kati James, Steve Ynzunza, Jerry Huff and Jim Short
The minutes from the 03-15-05 Board Meeting were approved with a few minor changes.

1 Vacated Director Position
The Board accepted Ron Cowen's resignation from the Board. The Board wanted to recognize all of the work that Ron had performed for the group. Dave Jansen will be taking over the treasurer position that Ron vacated. Dave will hold this position until the end of the year. Steve Ynzunza met with Ron and made a deposit of all of the outstanding checks. In keeping with the By-Laws, President Kati presented Steve Johnson's name to the Board as a Presidential appointment to fill the vacant Board seat. The Board voted and approved Steve Johnson as the new Board member.
2 Contracts
A) MotoGP - The contract has been signed. Ted Kuwada was recognized for his work on the contract.
B) The contract is a five-year contract with the number of workers as well as worker pay left open for the future years.
C) Shelby Club - Jerry Huff reported that the Shelby Club would like to keep everything as a verbal agreement.
D) They would also like to change the heading of "Compensation" to "Expenses".
E) Russell School - Jim Short presented the contract to the Board and it was approved. President Kati James signed the contract.
3 Financial
A) Treasurers Report - Steve Y met with Ron C. and deposited all of the outstanding checks. Steve Ynzunza and Dave Jansen will be meeting to add Dave Jansen to the signature card. New checks will be made with a requirement of two signatures on each check. The account will also have an ATM card with it as well as the ability to have online banking. President Kati James presented a draft of a budget statement that will be included in the Grid. The Board reviewed it and approved the draft.
B) Reimbursement Form - Steve Y. will be completing the changes to the form and will e-mail out to all of the Board members.
C) Non-Profit Status - Steve Y. advised that the accountant he contacted has completed tax season and is ready to begin working on the paperwork for the non-profit status.
4 Equipment
A) Flags - The BOD reviewed two quotes that were presented. There was some clarification needed on both quotes. Steve Y and Jerry H will be contacting both companies for clarification on the quotes. Flags will be ordered within the next 10 days.
B) Trailer - Dave J and Steve Y will be getting together to get quotes for the new trailer. We will be looking for a double axle 12-15 foot Trailer.
5 New Projects/Updates on Old Projects
A) Covers for Turn Boxes - Kati stated that she had a meeting and SCRAMP advised that they might have a sponsor that will cover the cost of the covers for the turn boxes. The Board decided to wait to hear from SCRAMP on what USARM could do to help with the project.
6 MotoGP
Kenny presented the Board with Ted Kuwada's resignation as Chairman of the MotoGP Committee. The Board discussed what to do and Kenny made the recommendation to not have a chairperson and to work as team on the event. The Board approved the idea. The next meeting of the committee will be April 27th at 7:00pm at Steve Ynzunza's house.
7 Roundtable
Jim Short - discussed his proposed budget for Russell School. He stated that he spends approximately $34.00 time 8 events. Jerry Huff reported that he spends $120.00 time 3 events.

Jim Short - also reported that he is working on a training seminar for sometime in September 2005.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 pm

Next Meeting will be Tuesday May 17th at 7:00pm. Location is to be determined. We are still trying to find a suitable location in the San Jose area.