2005 – August


Directors Present : Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Kati James, Steve Ynzunza, Jim Short, Jerry Huff and Steve Johnson
Dicrectors Not Present : None
Members Present : None

The minutes from the 04-19-05 Board Meeting were approved with a few minor changes.

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership

The Board was very pleased to see that we continue to get new members.
B) Infineon

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the insurance issues at Infineon. The Board will be sending two people to meet with a representative from the track to discuss the issues. The meeting will be in early October during the week.
A) Treasurers Report

The financial report was submitted and accepted by the Board.
B) Expense Reports

Expense reports were submitted for reimbursement.
3 Equipment
A) Inventory

Jim advised that he had ordered flag bags. They were out getting embroidered with the specific turn numbers on them. He still had not received an e-mail quote form the vendor as of the meeting.
B) Trailer

We are still out checking vendors for a replacement trailer for Laguna Seca. The Board is also looking for vendors to refurbish the trailer being used up North.
4 Upcoming Events
The schedule has a number of upcoming events such as Shelby Club, Virginia City Hill Climb, Russel School, Green Flag and Skip Barber. A number of these events are full, but the Board encourages people to sign-up on the waiting lists due to last minute cancellations. Coronado is also on for October 7th, 8th and 9th. Ted Kuwada is running the Coronado event.
5 Roundtable
The banquet was discussed and Steve Johnson volunteered to chair the event once again this year. The Board unanimously approved his offer. The Board was looking to have it as the same location as last year (The Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara). Steve J reported that the menu would not be the same, but it would be just as good or even better. The Board approved a budget of $2000 for the event. The Board will be starting to collect raffle prizes for the event.There also was discussion regarding MotoGP and putting the committee together earlier. The Board will be discussing this topic more at the September meeting and will be soliciting e-mails of interest soon.
Next Meeting: September 20th, 2005 at 7:00pm at the Roundtable in San Jose