2005 – June


Present: Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Kati James, Steve Ynzunza, Jerry Huff and Jim Short
Excused: (None)

Approved the minutes from the 05/17/05 Board Meeting

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership
Steve Ynzunza reported that membership was over 350 members as of 06/19/05.
A) By-Laws
There was discussion re: the By-laws and possible changes to them. Jerry Huff suggested a change in the By-laws:
Section 1 - Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly and at such other times as the President shall designate, and shall be open to the membership, except for closed items.
Section 1 - Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly and at such other times as the President shall designate, and shall be open to the membership, except for closed items. Whereas no director’s time shall be considered over another, the first board meeting shall be held at the outgoing board’s central meeting place and a new central meeting place shall be found within 10 miles of the center of the furthest two directors. If there is a resignation of one of the furthest directors during the year, a new central location shall be found.
This proposal was brought to the USARM BoD and vote taken on whether to take this to the membership.
The majority of the USARM BoD’s felt this proposal might create more issues than it would solve. It was voted not to take this the general membership of USARM.
All of the Board Members would be seeking input on any possible changes to the By-laws as well as input on how to make USARM better.
C) Board Meeting Location

The location of the meeting was discussed as well as a possible change to the By-laws re: the location of the meetings. Further, discussion occurred regarding rotating the meetings from the North to the South. The July meeting will be in San Jose and there was no decision made as to a permanent location to have the meetings.
D) Event Review

Jerry Huff reported that the Hill Climb is on for Sept 17 and 18th. He also reported we have events at Thunderhill and Infineon the same weekend.
Kati will make sure that this information gets in the grid and Jerry Huff will get it on the website.
Kenny asked how much we were bringing in for the group from the Shelby event and Jerry Huff reported $250.00.
Jim Short stated that he has been in contact with AFM to have a training event in September. Further information regarding this training event will be coming out in the near future.
Jim Short also reported that he had just enough people to work the Russell School event in July. He stated that he would be setting up a waiting list if people were interested in working this event.
2 Financial Reports
A) Treasurers Report

Dave Jansen provided an extensive financial report providing the breakdown of the expenses as well as money coming in due to memberships and event money. Dave Jansen asked Jim and Jerry how much that they would need for the Russell School event to take the workers to dinner. Jerry Huff was provided with a check for $224.00 for the dinner and he would be providing Dave Jansen with a receipt after the dinner.
B) Expense Reports

Some expense reports were provided for reimbursement. Steve Ynzunza brought up the issue that there was no established guidelines as to what would be reimbursable and what would not be. There was discussion regarding this topic. The Board decided receipts could be submitted for the following for reimbursement:

  • Food/Water - for doughnuts, bottled water for workers
  • Worker Transportation - people providing worker transportation at events would have there fuel reimbursed for as well as those who provided vehicles for supplying food to the workers.
  • Equipment Transportation – people providing equipment transportation to events would also have their fuel costs reimbursed.
  • The Board will be continuing to discuss this topic further in order to outline the parameters further.
  • The Board will not be reimbursed for mileage or fuel to Board meetings.
3 Equipment
A) Purchases

Dave Jansen reported that we have purchased 27 complete FIM approved flag sets. He also stated that the vendor that Jerry Huff had found is very responsive and has met all of our needs in a timely manner. Brooms, shovels and buckets have also been purchased for the event.

Jim Short stated the some of the equipment up North was in need of replacement. The Board asked Jim to provide an inventory of what needs to be replaced and the Board would work on it. Dave Jansen also reported that the cost of a 14-16ft trailer would almost be $5000. The Board will continue to look into the purchase of a new trailer, but the research will have to occur after MotoGP.

4 New Projects
A) Covers for the flagging stations

Kati reported that due to the construction some of the boxes had been damaged when they were moved for the track improvements. Gary Thomas is working on re-building a couple of the turn boxes. SCRAMP had secured a sponsor for the roofs, so USARM will be contacting SCRAMP to see what at the turn boxes could be improved using the money we had promised to them for the covers for the turn boxes.
B) Equipment Storage/Trailer

Steve Ynzunza reported on the need to find some sort of storage for all the equipment we purchased to have for the MotoGP event. There was discussion re: ideas for storage. Further research will be forthcoming.
5 MotoGP
A) Personnel

Steve Ynzunza reported that the original contract called for 303 workers for the event. Kati James reported that we were at that number and had a waiting list.

Due to the track survey, 12 more flagging stations were added to meet the need of the FIM. 24 more workers were going to be needed to meet this request. Kati reported that they began calling people on the waiting list and filled the 24 worker request.

B) Change Order to Contract

Due to the changes in personnel, Steve Ynzunza will be working on a change order to original contract to give to SCRAMP to cover the addition of the 24 workers as well as 2 more NMP’s.
C) Camping

Steve Ynzunza reported that he continues to receive camping reservations. Kati reported that Ranger Greg Smith is working to clear areas in worker camping to meet the increasing camping needs. It was also discussed that campers would need to follow the instructions of the people directing the campers in order for us to meet the camping needs as well as provide for public safety access to worker camping.

Next Meeting: July 19th, 2005 at 7:30pm at the Roundtable off of Blossom Hill in San Jose.