2005 – March


Present: Ken Berri, Dave Jansen, Kati James, Steve Ynzunza, Jerry Huff and Jim Short
Excused: Ron Cowen

The minutes from the 02-15-05 Board Meeting were approved with a few minor changes.

1 Contracts
A) MotoGP – The contract has not been signed yet.  There is some final clarification needed from the track on some items.
B) Shelby Club – Jerry Huff presented a draft copy of a contract for the Shelby Club.  There was discussion, and it was determined that the Contract need an equipment rental figure as well as an itemized list of the equipment that USARM would be providing.
C) Russell School - This contract was discussed.  It was decided to follow the same format as the Shelby Club Contract. It was also decided that all of the contracts would have two signature spots for the main point of contact from USARM to the group as well as a signature line for the President of USARM. Two copies of the contract would be signed in order for the racing group to have an original as well as USARM retaining an original copy.
2 Financial
Treasurers Report – Ron Cowen was unable to attend the meeting.  Kati stated that it would be out in the Grid as well as one would be sent to the BOD via e-mail.
Reimbursement Form – Steve Ynzunza. presented a draft of a new reimbursement form to be used. The BOD reviewed the draft and decided to have the mileage amount removed from the form as well as adding a line for the BOD approved date.  The BOD voted and approved the new form with the two changes listed above.
Non-Profit Status – Steve Ynunza advised the BOD that the accountant he contacted were busy with tax season. He did advise that he would be contacting each of them to provide a quote to do the paperwork for the non-profit status.  He also would be in contact with them to determine what paperwork would be needed by them as well as a list of what would be reimbursable by members when the non-profit status was achieved.
Online-Banking – Kati James reported that it was unavailable at this time with the account we have. Ron Cowen will be checking to see what we need to get it.
1099 Forms – The BOD discussed the issue of members getting 1099 forms from some of the racing groups that we work for. The BOD stated that members should plan on getting these forms when they work a lot for a certain racing group.
Raffle Money – Due to the great response at the banquet, the BOD decided to donate $1000 to Camp Okizu
and $100 to the Ron Johnson Fund.  Jerry Huff will be getting in touch with Steve Johnson to schedule a date to present the check to Camp Okizu.  It was also decided that the $100 donation to the Ron Johnson Fund would close out any donations that USARM would be making to this fund.
Board Expenses – this item was tabled until the April BOD Meeting.
3 Equipment
Flags – The BOD discussed that we would need quotes on company letterhead from flag companies that had the ability to match the exact colors required by MotoGP.  The quotes will be reviewed at the April BOD meeting and a decision will be made as to what company to order from.
4 New Projects/Updates on Old Projects
Covers for Turn Boxes – Kati stated that she had been in contact with Garry and he was willing to still take the lead on this project.  Projected start date on this project is in April as soon as Gary gets back.
Shirts for Dragon Wagon – This item was discussed and it was decided to move forward with getting the design of the shirt.  The BOD also decided to not move forward with the purchase until it was determined that all of the other workers would be getting shirts also.
Setting up Printing Account at Kinko’s for 2005 - Kati reported that we would not be able to set up this type of account without a corporate credit card.  It was decided that we would not move forward with this item.
Track Memorials – Dave presented some ideas for a track memorial at Laguna Seca to members that have passed away.  Jerry Huff also discussed his idea for a memorial at Thunderhill.  The BOD decided that Jerry will be tasked to come back to the BOD with a detailed design of his proposal along with a detailed quote to do the work. It was also decided that BOD members would be contacting the relatives of the members thathave passed on and would ask what their wishes would be for the memorials.
Future Training Sessions – Jim Short discussed the possibility of having a future training at Sears Point.
5 MotoGP
Dues for Rejected Applicants – The BOD decide to have the MotoGP Committee make a recommendation to the BOD as to how this item would be handled.
Camping and Parking - Ruben Ynzunza met with Gary Smith the Ranger at Laguna Seca to start planning the layout for camping and parking.
6 Roundtable
Kenny brought the idea to the BOD of changing the location of the BOD meetings due to 5 members of the BOD being located to the South.  This item was tabled for the next meeting.

The next meeting is April 19, 2005