2005 – September


Present: Ken Berri, Jerry Huff, Kati James, Dave Jansen, Steve Johnson, Jim Short and Steve Ynzunza
Excused: (None)

Approved the minutes from the 08/16/05 Board Meeting

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentations/Issues

The Board encouraged members to attend the meetings and present issues and/or suggestions on to make USARM better. The Board highly encourages membership participation.
B) Membership Update

The Board is pleased to announce that we continue to get new members joining the group.
C) Correspondence

The MotoGP surveys were sent out and we are already receiving them back in with some very good ideas on how to improve for next year. The Board encourages people to fill them out and return them as soon as possible.
2 Financial Reports
A) Treasurers Report

The financial report had very minimal activity. Kati James will send it out to the Board via e-mail. We had one copy of the financial report at the meeting. Ken Berri asked to have the beginning and ending balances on each months report. The Board approved the treasurers report with the amendment of having the beginning and ending balances added to it as well as being a part of future reports.
B) Expense Reports

Expense reports were submitted for reimbursement. Jerry Huff turned in cash from one of the events.
C) Donations

The outstanding donation checks were signed and given to Jerry Huff and Jim Short to be sent out. These were outstanding from the banquet.
3 Equipment
A) Inventory

Both the inventories for the North and South have not been completed yet due to scheduling issues ie: finding an open date to conduct the inventory.
B) Trailer
We are still trying to get a day to check all the vendors. Jim Short provided measurements to Dave Jansen via e-mail for the trailer to the North. We are continuing to look for vendors to refurbish the trailer.
4 Review of Events & Upcoming Events
A) Racing Events

Jerry Huff reported that the Hill Climb went very well. Jim reported that he had just enough people to run the Russell School. The event at Thunderhill went ok, but they could have used more workers. Jim Short reported that the last Russell School for the year will be October 22-23. Coronado is scheduled for October 7, 8 and 9.
B) Banquet

Steve Johnson reviewed the contract for the Biltmore with the Board. The Board approved putting a $500.00 deposit down for the banquet. The Banquet is scheduled for February 11th, 2006. There will be a Happy Hour and the event will occur in the Hopps Bar and Grill, which is the bar located next to the room we were in last year. The room rates are $69 for a regular room and $89 for a suite. You can reserve a room by calling 1-800-255-9925.

Steve Johnson wanted to make sure that once the flyers go out for the event that people make their checks out to USARM.

5 Roundtable
A) Reminder to everyone that there will be 3 vacancies for the Board coming up. Statements of interest will need to be submitted to any Board member prior to November 1st. Candidate statements and election cards will be going out in the November Grid.
B) Discussion regarding setting up the MotoGP Committee was tabled until the October Meeting.

Next Meeting: October 18th 7:00pm at the Roundtable in Fremont