2007 – December

Via Conference Call

Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Greg Cupp, Kati James & Rusty Williams
Dicrectors Not Present : Shelley Ulry
Members Present : None

1 Changes to previous minutes
None - Approved the Minutes of previous Meeting
2 USARM General Information
A) Correspondence

A) Treasurer's Report

To follow, Shelly not present
A) January & April Skip Barbaer

Full per Kati.
B) February POC at Las Vegas

Full per Kati. POC events for 2008 announced with very few spots remaining on all POC lists. POC to do 9 events with USRM in '08, an increase of 2 events from previous years.
C) Per Diem

There should be a letter from the president too all event coordinators regarding per diem 2008 as voted on in November.
D) Event Coordinator Needed

USARM is in need of an Event Coordinator for NCRC, 1 event at Buttonwillow on April 19-20 and 1 event at Reno/Fernley on September 13-14.
5 2008 Elections
Rusty leaving this year, Steve Ynzunza invited as replacement.
6 Grid/Website
7 Equipment
A) Numberboards

Kati has done research, $137 each, FIA approved, black w/bright orange, ours are falling apart, almost unusable.
8 Banquet
BOD still looking into the possiblity of 2 banquets. Possibly 1 up north and 1 down south? BOD is open to and seeking suggestions from general membership. Rusty will not be banquet chairman.
9 Worker Awards
Worker Awards (listed below) have been approved (Kati ordering the plaques).

On Course Worker of the Year
Off Course Worker of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Jim Thurston Communicator of the Year
Worker of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Steve Mahan Good Guy of the Year

All the USARM sale-able merchandise was located, in its entirety, at the residence of BoD member Shelley Ulry, but now being returned to the USARM trailer. Kati has too much on her plate with other events to continue GRID or NCRC. Jan offering to be co-editor w/Jackie on GRID. Need a report from Jackie as to cost for GRID, Jan to get an update from Shelly on Financial Report since she has not been present for last few meetings.
Adjourned at 8:23 pm, next meeting in January 15, 2008 7:00 p.m.