2007 – November


Directors Present : Jan Weaver, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Greg Cupp, Kati James & Rusty Williams
Dicrectors Not Present : Shelley Ulry
Members Present : None

******Approved the Minutes of previous Meeting*****

1 USARM General Information
A) Membership Presentation/Issues

B) Correspondence

A) Treasurer's Report

To follow, Shelly not present
A) Price Increase

All events will increase to a minimum of $100 in 2008. $130 for POC events, Skip Barber to be $100 per day. Basically all events go up $10. Russell to go up $15 to equal $100 per day. Moto GP to be updated. Organizers to be notified as to increase as soon as possible.
B) Upcoming MotoGP

Jan to provide more info. AMA and Indy talking to Jan, some of our people might go to Miller UT for superbikes. Dorna is very accepting to having us. Indy MotoGP is in May.

December POC at Willow Springs, full per Kati. POC events for 2008 announced with very few spots remaining on all lists. POC to do 9 events with USRM this year, an increase of 2 events from previous years.
D) Skip Barber

Skip Barber in April, full per Kati
4 2008 Elections
Bruce has sent ballots, in the process of getting them back. Reports that many people did not even get ballots. Should contact Bruce ASAP for email vote. All ballots received by Nov 30th to be counted & Bruce will report to BOD results by Monfay December 3rd. New BoD to be notified via phone & invited to December meeting.
5 Grid/Website
Jackie is dealing with personal issues and is not able to continue being consistent with the Grid. Dave J. is willing to take over the website if needed while Mick recovers. Rusty is willing to do Grid only if hard copies are to remain permanent. Kati will resume as Grid editor as of January 1, 2008.
6 Banquet
Thoughts of having several banquets for the 'core' groups of people that work certain events (ie, POC, Russell, Skip Barber). Tabled for next meeting due to more ideas needed from BoD to make a final decision. Kati is willing to handle plaques for banquet has great contacts for this. Rusty was unknowingly and unexpectedly, and unofficially elected banquet chairman.
7 Worker Awards
BoD is beginning to think about names for awards for next year. For discussion & decision at December meeting.
Morgan Broadhead, clerk of course for AMA had a bad crash recently, but is continuing to improve. Jan sent flowers in the name of USARM.
Kati would like to find a "merchandise chairman" to handle items sold by USARM
Kati will look into decals for give-a ways to members.
Adjourned at 8:20 pm, next meeting on December 18, 2007