2008 – December

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
December 16, 2008

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Jim H., Jim S., Greg

REVIEW MINUTES - MSP (Moved, Seconded, Passed)

FINANCIAL REPORT - Sent to the Directors and forwarded onto Mickey to put into the next GRID.

Financial Statement December 2008

$21,139.06 Balance November 30, 2008
Deposits Checks/Withdrawals
$3,500.00 December 11, 2008 $3,400.00 Withdrawals
$310.00 December 12, 2008 $2,243.25 Checks
$3,710.00 Total Deposits $5,643.25 Total Checks/Withdrawals
$750.00 Amount yet to be deposited
$24,949.06 Current Balance

The large deposit of $3500 was wired to USARM from Skip Barber to pay the workers in cash. Only $3400 was withdrawn and $100 was left in the account for equipment fees. The large amount of checks was old bills that were paid including the fees for con calls for a year and web hosting and all that goes with it. After the Deposit this Saturday we are caught up.

We do have a bill from a company called Fire Master out of Dallas Tex for what looks like maintance on 19 fire bottles and 4 new bottles.

1.) Review of Financials
Bill from Fire Master was for Sears Point. Approved.
Received Cash for Skip Barber - We are in a cash-only basis with Skippy. They do a wire-transfer to USARM and the funds are withdrawn and passed out to the workers.
Jan scripting letter to Skip for the Wire Transfer fee. - Sent to Jim


1.) Hats - Low profile with velcro closure is the preferred. Quotes received . Jim will stop by and look at the hats. Jim will come back to us with the volume. Jan to email Jim H the address.

2.) Corporate Status - Carl sent one attorney name. Cost per hour or a flat fee. Jan to check back with the attorney.

3.) Trailer Status - Greg working on this. Jack Stands - Set of 2 for $20. Tires are fine. Get stands for it. 5 ton stands. Jim and Greg to check with Skip regarding new valve stems and will get the stands for the trailer.

4.) By-Laws - Recommended changes to be sent via email directly to directors for review. - Board members to send information. We will send separately. I will put together the by-law recommendations. Jim and Greg will be willing to help on a committee to work on the by-laws.

5.) Awards -Jan sent question out to the "list" alias.
Lifetime membership - minimum 10 years - 4-5 races a year - Motion to make lifetime memberships unanimous vote by the board - MSP

6.) Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments. - Tabled.

7.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship. - Talk to Corporate Attorney.

9.) Back-up training on how to take over events - Jan working on this. Need input from other board members.

10.) POC - Check for charity needs to be sent. - Jim will send the $1,000 check to POC - County day goes to charity and we donate to their charity. POC does a charity event.

11.) GRID - Monthly and ASAP

12.) Elections - 4 people will run this year. 4 and 1 appointed spot.

13.) USARM 50th Anniversary - 2009 - Jim H. to check with Laguna regarding 50th Anniversary T-shirts. Jan to send history to Jim.

NEW Business

Moto-GP - Add to next Grid and put online. Reimbursement for larger events discussed.
Special USARM gift to Ted for all the work he does. Special USARM gift to Jim Hileman for AMA work. - MSP

Have the BBQ again at the Moto-GP? MSP to have banquet at the Moto-GP and have same caterer.

Review the fee structure. Review our contract. Send everyone a copy of the contract to review prior to the next meeting.

Did Ted take care of Tri-County bill? We believe he did that with petty cash at the Moto-GP.

Round Table

Camp Okizu - Motion to give $500. MSP

Russel finished their season.

Contracts - Russell is fine. No change to contract.

POC Contract - Will they renew?

PCA - Contract - One time deal - no contract this year.

NCRC - We are not doing their events any more

Skip Barber - Contract - Jan to look for copies of the contract.

Jim Hileman - Thank you!

Next Meeting - January 20

End of meeting - 8:36 pm