2008 – February


Attendees - Jan, Kati, Ken, Steve, Jim S., Jim H, Greg

Old Business

1) Minutes from last meeting - MSP with changes
2) Number Boards - Kati found new vendor. Motion to buy 6 - MSP
3) Banquet/Banquets - More discussion. Article in March Grid
4) Grid - Dave did great job taking this over
5) Keys - PO box key update - Steve to get with Ron to add two more people to PO box
6) Flags - Car Flags - Update - Car flags not found. Ken, Jim and Ted to check in Moto-GP trailer section

Financial reports

1) Treasurer's Report - MSP
2) Update on Transition from Shelley to Steve - complete.
3) Steve to check if he still has signature authority. Account to be updated.

New Business

1) Concalls - Concern of legality. Checking further. Members always welcome. Article in next Grid to invite members. Will add to By-Laws update
2) By-Laws
A) Update to by-laws to include - Actions to be taken when a person resigns from the board. - Next highest vote count to be invited to the board.
B) Non-Profit Status - Steve checking further
C) Other changes
Note: By-Laws to be sent to all board members for review. Updated By-laws to be posted in Grid and voted on at Moto-GP
3 Updated Contracts
A) Moto-GP - Reimbursement amount discussed - MSP
B) AMA - Reimbursement amount discussed - MSP
C) Event Coordinator - Ted Kuwada to be MotoGP Chairman - MSP
D) Applications for Moto-GP and AMA - MSP
4 Removal of Social Security numbers - Ken to discuss with Ted
Tentative November 10th one day event at Laguna Seca on Monday - Cars - Kati is point of contact
First Russell coming April 19-20 at Sears Point - Jim Short
Kate Roberts and Sal Traverse say Hello from Sebring
Jim Short - You will all find out later
Ken's Contact Information - Phone - 408-XXX-XXXX
Next Meeting March 18th - 7 pm
Meeting adjourned 8:32 pm. PST