2008 – July

Minutes – July 2008 USARM Board Meeting

July 8, 2008 (Meeting moved up due to conflict with Moto-GP Track Set-up)

Attendees: Jan, Kati, Ken, Greg, Jim H, Steve
Absent: Jim S.

Reviewed June Minutes - MSP

1.) Update on GRID problem with post office - Resolved.
2.) Banquet update - Steve arranged for banquet for Saturday night. Kati has items for raffle at the banquet.
3.) Equipment Status - Inventory done June 22nd - Trailer was a mess in front and back. Ted, Jim and Steve went through everything and got it re-organized. Some broom handles are missing - nothing else.
a.) Jim Hileman is the USARM Equipment Manager. Jim will set up a sign up sheet to log out and in all equipment. Access to the Moto-GP side of the trailer is only through Jim Hileman.
b.) Jim will get in touch with Ron and Kati will get in touch with Gabe regarding the new equipment procedures.

The tabled items will not be listed here but will be added back onto the August Agenda per our agreement in the June meeting.

1.) Update on reimbursement funds - MSP
2.) All other Moto-GP issues :
a.) Jim - Head Ranger may want to charge $15 per head for overnight people. We will talk to Bo.
b.) Ken - Photogs need to be sure not to sell pics of our workers.
3.) 3 Bounced checks - We will take funds out of their reimbursement

1.) info@usarm.org - Jan will respond to all those inquiries.
2.) Board concall Information discussed.
3.) Jan will now provide updates Ken on all emails that come through.

1.) Jim will provide golf-cart transport for specific people so they can park in worker camping.
2.) AMA Race - Have the contract to Ken at the Moto-GP - responsibility Jan.
3.) Jim Hileman - Working out lunches for Moto-GP.
4.) Jan to send names to Jim for Servers for dinner!


August 19th
Closed at 7:56 pm