2008 – March

March 2008

Attendees - Jan, Kati, Ken, Steve, Jim S, Greg
Absent - Jim Hileman

Old Business

1) Minutes - Correction - Updated Contracts - Change title to Moto GP Chairman on Ted Kuwada. Change Ken's Cell Phone is 408-XXX-XXXX Correction. MSP with corrections.
a.) Minutes will be delayed by a month to the GRID to allow for review and approval at next board meeting. MSP.
2) Number boards status Got samples - and we are buying them. We ordered 6. Motion to order 4 more for Sears Point. MSP
3) Banquet - No contact from anyone on what they want. Send Jim copy of who won the awards. Steve will check on banquet locations.
4) PO Box - Still outstanding per Steve. Paid for the year. Will call Ron this week.
5) Non-Profit Status - Move to Financial Report second on next agenda.
6) Car Flag Status - We have 12 new car sets. Stored in the back with the MotoGP equipment.
7) Concall Status - Membership has not been participating. Tough doing stuff over a concall. Maybe schedule a face to face.
8) By Laws - Kati lost the changes in her computer crash. Motion for board members to pull and review the by-laws and provide feedback. MSP
9) Social Security Number issue - Took SSN requirement off the Moto-GP application. Not needed by us. It was a SCRAMP requirement . Ken to check with Laguna on requirement . Possibly have form for everyone to sign if they're going to work but only if needed. Take the SSN off the membership forms and Moto-GP applications. Motion to remove the SSN from all applications of any time. MSP - Ken to advise Ted to black-out all SSNs on apps he has.

Financial Report

1) Bank Status - We are charged a fee for monthly check return and image review. They then return that charge to us. $10 fee waived due to current balance.
a.) We still have $3,000 put aside to put covers on the comm boxes. Kati to work with Gary to get that going.
2) Reimbursements will be on every agenda.
a.) Reviewed reimbursement requests - MSP on all
b.) Recommend no member spend more than $100 out of pocket for USARM. Let us pay for it. Motion - Non-board members should not spend more than $100 of their own money. Someone is always around to cut a check or use a VISA card to charge something. - MSP
c.) Jan to do an affidavit about the tubs from Wal-Mart and send to Steve.
d.) Submit the concall info monthly or quarterly.
e.) Copy of Reimbursement form - Steve to send to all.
3) April 2007 - POC - Wands for the Enduro with yellow cover for night time racing. POC still has them. Kati to retrieve them at next race.

New Business

1) Board Duties - pass until next meeting
2) Grid - No discussion
3 Membership - discussion about when to stop sending Grids to members who have not renewed. Discussion to leave in until June to ensure proper coverage for Moto-GP MSP
4 USARM Trailer - Laguna Seca - Bo wants Trailer moved to another site on the property. We can move it down during Moto-GP. Kati to research how we secure it in a safe area.
5 Storage shed for car equipment - Laguna Seca - Discussion about acquiring a small storage shed for car equipment to be stored at Turn 11. Motion to purchase small storage shed. Table until next meeting.
6 Trailer has been moved up to Sears Point. Old trailer has been taken by someone. Jim working to get the vanity plate back that says "USARM". Motion to reimburse - Yes - 2, No - 3 - not passed
7 Moto-GP - discussion about status of Moto-GP at Laguna and Indy.
A) Email inquiries that come to the directors alias - Kati will forward all inquiry emails to Ted.
Need a Saturday meeting to do some work on the number boards for Moto-GP
Next Meeting - April 15th - concall 7 pm
Move to close meeting - MSP - 8:59 pm Pacific