2008 – November

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2008

Attendees - Jan, Carl, Jim Short, Jim H.
Special Guest - Mickey
Absent - Greg, Ken (pre-arranged)



1.) Jim has the check book and will provide an update soon
Special Guest - Mickey Housel to review SSL and website requirements.

We're going green. $250 for Web-hosting with the SSL certificate. The SSL is a security certificate so folks can change their information online in a secure manner. It allows people to update their contact information. It works between the website and their own computer. It encrypts all the information between the server, the website and the user's computer. MSP

Recommendation to usePaypal to pay for membership. Mickey will set up a membership form to feed to Ted with the membership information. Members do not have to be a member of Paypal to use it. MSP

Reduce Membership

Proposal to reduce membership to $25 for this year due to economic issues with an expiration date of December 31, 2009. MSP

Need to add the membership dues issue to the by-laws to be discussed and finalized by September each year.

SPECIAL NOTE : Cuckoo Clock went off at 8 PM.

Motion to provide Mickey Petty Cash to do the Grid - Motion to send Mickey $200 for petty cash. MSP


1.) Hats - Low profile with velcro closure is the preferred. Moving forward on the hats.

2.) Corporate Status - Poll the membership? Jan and Carl working on this. Carl emailed a CPA who did not have a source. Jan to check with her CPA. Jim sent email to Chico attorney.
3.) Trailer Status - Greg working on this. - No report.

4.) By-Laws - Recommended changes to be sent via email directly to directors for review. - Board members to send information. We will send separately.

5.) Recommendation on awards from Carl Sloan ...

a. A candidate for an "annual award" must have worked a minimum of 50% of scheduled events. - Carl is putting together something for us to review. We MSP to keep 7 events as minimum

b . Each board member from that list will nominate a candidate or candidates for each award if appropriate. Note: Each board member is not required to nominate a different individual.

Modification to Awards:
1. a member must have worked a minimum of seven events in the year of the award - Already passed.

2. each Board member will nominate one person from that list for each annual award.

a. the same individual(s) may be selected by more than one Board member.         3. a ballot will be electronically transmitted to each active member with a hard copy to those active members who do not have other access.

4. write-in votes from the list of eligibles will be permitted.

5. in the case of a tie, the board will determine the recipient.

6. results will be tabulated by the web master not later than 30 days after the initial mailing.

c. Poll the membership - do they want to vote on the awards or let the board do it.

6.) Worker Plaques - Polling the membership for recommendations? No more worker of the weekend stuff. MSP last meeting.

7.) Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments. - Tabled. Detail this out.

8.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship. - Talk to Corporate Attorney.

9.) Back-up training on how to take over events - Jan still working on this. Need input from other board members.

10.) POC - Check for charity needs to be sent. - Jim to check the checkbook

11.) GRID - Positive Feedback on electronic email with the link to the Grid online. Need to place reminder in upcoming GRIDS that if a member wants a hard copy they only need to ask.

12.) Elections - 4 people will run this year.

13.) USARM 50th Anniversary - 2009

Jan checking with Jim Madrid on other quotes - received
Jim H. to check with Laguna regarding 50th Anniversary T-shirts. Should we poll the workers on their recommendations for what to put on 50th Anniversary T-shirt? Get input from Laguna first before we go out to members.

14.) Inventory issue raised by Carl regarding missing equipment and recommended inventory sign-out sheet. Sign out sheet was in the trailer and is now missing. Jim will replace it. Jim talked to Dave Jansen - equipment was not missing, just not returned to the trailer right away.

Round Table

Kate and Sal are back in California.

The Board thanks Mickey for his input tonight. Great ideas and great feedback.

Next Meeting - December 16