2008 – October

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2008

Attendees - Jan, Carl, Jim Short, Jim Hileman, Greg
Absent - Ken (pre-arranged)



1.) Review of Financials - back to May if possible - No Financials at this time.

OLD BUSINESS 1.) AMA Review. Went very well. Go-Kart races were the hit of the weekend. Great coverage.

2.) Charitable Donations - Recommend giving to the Ozuko Camp again. They had problems with the recent fires. Jim Short checking on them. Need check for the upcoming POC event. - We will hold off for now.

3.) Hats - Low profile with velcro closure is the preferred. We need the written quotes.

4.) Corporate Status - Jan and Carl working on this. Poll the membership to get sources.

5.) Trailer Status - Tires are flat and deteriorated. Motion to get new tires and jacks. Move the trailer to the "semi-permanent" location and then store the tires inside the trailer and only use them during Moto-GP. - MSP - Greg will work on the tires and jacks.

TABLED ITEMS FROM PREVIOUS MEETINGS 1.) By-Laws - come prepared with recommended By-Law changes. - Changes to be sent via email directly to directors for review.

2.) Recommendation on awards from Carl Sloan ...

a. A candidate for an "annual award" must have worked a minimum of 50% of scheduled events. - Carl is putting together something for us to review. MSP to keep 7 events as minimum.

b . Each board member from that list will nominate a candidate or candidates for each award if appropriate. Note: Each board member is not required to nominate a different individual. - need more discussion.

3.) Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments. - Tabled

4.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship. Set discussion for another meeting.

5.) Back-up training on how to take over events. We need to have a book with the details on what needs to be done just in case someone cannot attend and someone else needs to step in to take over. Recommendation of a Check off list. - Jan to put together notes to send to all for their review and for everyone to add their own working knowledge to the lists. - Jan still working on this.

6.) POC - Check for charity needs to be sent.


1.) GRID - Mickey has taken over the Grid. We are moving to electronic Grid this month.

2.) Corporate Status - Jan and Carl working on this.

3.) Elections - 4 people will run this year. Put that in the Grid.

4.) USARM 50th Anniversary - 2009 -

Carl to send us pictures of the hats
Jan checking with Jim Madrid on other quotes
Jim H. to check with Laguna regarding 50th Anniversary T-shirts. Will poll the workers on their recommendations for what to put on 50th Anniversary T-shirt.

5.) Worker Plaques - Ron and Carl got a plaque for Phil Glendon who was voted on as worker of the weekend.

Discussion regarding plaques - How do we determine who deserves the award. The workers nominate it and then control gives it out. Event Coordinator has the ultimate decision. Move we table this discussion. Discussion. Original POC WOW award was supposedly paid for by POC. That is not the case. Polling the membership for recommendations.

6.) Inventory issue raised by Carl regarding missing equipment and recommended inventory sign-out sheet. Sign out sheet was in the trailer and is now missing. Jim will replace it.

Round Table

Carl recommended to collect votes on the agenda by name - Carl will collect that information. Jan is too busy keeping notes.

Dave Scott address - Dave Scott reimbursement was voted on back in June? we believe. He was not paid by the former treasurer. We will get a check sent to him.

Next Meeting - November 18th.