2008 – September

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2008



1.) Signature Authority set-up at the bank.

2.) Review of Financials

Back to May is needed. No financials provided by Steve since then. Shelley working on getting everything caught up to date.


1.) Finalize all issues regarding recent Board Changes
Discussion regarding recent emails to the "list" alias. Discussion - Motion to refer folks back to Kati and Steve. Question to the "list" alias about Steve's resignation letter. Ken never got one. If we get a resignation letter from Steve we will publish it.

2.) AMA Updates - 80 people.

3.) Charitable Donations

Jim Short still checking on Camp Ozuko. We need to provide $1,000 check to POC for our donation.


1.) By-Laws - come prepared with recommended By-Law changes Discussion

2.) Recommendation on awards from Carl Sloan

a. A candidate for an "annual award" must have worked a minimum of 50% of scheduled events. Need more discussion. Perhaps 50% is too much. A minimum of 7 events. Carl to put it to paper for next meeting. MSP with 7 events.

b. Each individual in charge of worker attendance at an event will submit a copy of that list to the board. The board now has a list of theoretically eligible recipients. Everyone to submit a list of all workers to the director. Need more discussion List of all workers for the events to be sent to the Secretary. Contact person to send attendance list to Secretary.

c. Each board member from that list will nominate a candidate or candidates for each award if appropriate. note: each board member is not required to nominate a different individual. Need more discussion.

d. That list used for each award, is submitted to the members for a vote at the same time as is the ballot for board elections. If there is a tie, the board decides. We can do this in 2009.

e. Write in votes are permitted as long as the individual has worked 50% of events. The board will determine if the write-in person is eligible. Majority have no idea who they are. Membership is recommended to submit names.

f. A board member and a "volunteer" shall oversee the counting to ensure integrity. Up to the board. Board feels we should not be involved in the count to ensure integrity of the count. Leave it with Bruce. If he would like to invite other people to help with the count we can help set that up.

g. the board may make any special awards at its discretion.

We will try this for 2009. Life time memberships will only be voted by the Board.

3.) Membership requirement when working our events

People working before they pay their membership. Set a timetable on when they need to have their memberships paid. Problem existed previously but should not be an issue going forward.

Note:Past USARM policy is that every member should pay their membership by the second event they work. The event organizer is supposed to collect membership dues in the form of a check or retain membership fees from the reimbursement at the end of the weekend. A completed membership form ad the dues are to be sent to the membership chairman immediately following the event. We know there are many members who worked more than half a year in 2008 before it was determined they had not paid membership yet. Will discuss further.

4.) Board Duties

Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments. Tabled.

5.) Scholarship possibilities

To aid USARM in the non profit status. Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship. Set discussion for another meeting. Tabled.

6.) Back-up training

On how to take over events. We need to have a book with the details on what needs to be done just in case someone cannot attend and someone else needs to step in to take over. Recommendation of a Check off list. Jan to put together notes to send to all for their review and for everyone to add their own working knowledge to the lists. Jan still working on this. Everyone will put something together.


1.) GRID

a.) Editor issues - Discussed. Mickey Housel has agreed to take over the Grid.

b.) Electronic mail versus hard copies Electronic Grid was passed in 2006 with go live in Late 2008. Members without email or who request hard copies will receive hard copies.

c.) Timely updates for our membership
1.) Minutes - Jan to send minutes to Grid Editor directly.

2.) Earlier approval of the minutes
Jan to email directors within 5 days after board meeting. Jan to review minutes with Ken over the phone. Ken will receive copy through Ted if that's ok with Ted.

3.) Financial reports
Financial reports will be sent directly to the Grid Editor by Jan.

4.) Content in the Grid

5.) Grid review prior to publication?

Editor to send to Directors before he sends it out. We will review and reply with our approval within 3 days. Letters to the Editor encouraged. Want to make sure we haven't left anything out."overview"

2.) Corporate Status - Jan and Carl working on this.

3.) Elections

Need people who are willing to run for the board. 4 people will run this year. Put that in the Grid.

4.) USARM 50th Anniversary 2009

Carl to send us pictures of hats he is proposing
Jim to check with Laguna regarding 50th Anniversary T-shirts.
Jan working to get quotes from Jim Madrid

5.) Worker Goodies - We have lots to give away at the AMA.

6.) Worker Plaques

Count of number of events. Shall we do a worker of the weekend at all events? We think so. Jan to get an event count. Include all events - Skippy, POC, Russell, Green Flag, Moto-GP, AMA, Etc. Jim to send Carl information how plaque could be designed to have space to add engraved area. Discussed presentation at the event itself or after the fact with name engraved. More discussion needed to resolve.

Round Table

Need more info about the Ozuko Camp.

Admin charges to ensure we break even on our larger events. More discussion needed.

Email from the driver regarding incident at Laguna Seca - Discussed. Board Member has discussed with the driver.

Next Meeting - October 21st.