2009 – February

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
February 17, 2009

Attendees - Ron, Mike, Chris, Jan, Ken, Jim, Rosebud

REVIEW MINUTES - MSP - Reviewed and approved by all


1)   Review of Financials
a) Complete review of 2008 completed. Details reviewed. Several questionable items from early 2008 and back into 2007 that may never be fully answered.
b) Overview of last year - Rosebud assigned categories to all our debits and credits.
c) Rosebud did a thorough review back into 2005 to get a feel for what was done with the club.

MSP to approve Financial report of 2008 and January 2009.


1)   PO Box Status - completed. Applications and Website have been updated.
a)Old PO box mail will be forwarded to the new PO box.
b) New Stationary has been ordered and received and distributed to Ted, Ron and Jan. Anyone else who needs it can contact Rosebud directly

2)   Hats - Rosebud went to two different vendors. Reported on quotes. Quote is to order hats and put our own patch on the front. Voted on Hat #397 with years on the back 1959-2009

3)   Corporate Status
a) Jan talked to attorney Carl found. Pricing is far too expensive.
b) Ron contacted an attorney who found lots of information on us and she discussed lots of info on what we should do.
c) Corporation status is suspended. Last corporate attorney never completed filing all the documents when we last worked on this.
d) Discussed pros and cons or re-establishing old corporation or starting new. "Non-profit with mutual benefit" is the recommendation.
e) Phone conversation scheduled with her on Friday at 1PM. Jan and Mike will attend. Mike will help with this corporate activity.

4)   Jan to email back the PCA person and let her know our TAX ID is invalid and was suspended back in 2000.
a) We can use this same conference call feature for the call with the corporate attorney. We need to fill out a brief profile. Biographical scratch, resume. Relationships with each other. Relate it to racing. Been into racing for ? of years as a hobby. For fun, etc.

Cuckoo clock went off at 8:00 pm.

5)   Trailer Status
Talked to Jim. Skippy was informed of the changes. They reduced the number of workers requested, reduced to 14, from 16. Jim will complete the jack stands and tires within 2 weeks.

6)   By-Laws
a) Jan sent copies of By-laws and our Board had a separate meeting and completed the by-law changes we want to recommend.
b) Jan sent by-laws out to List alias for feedback - 2 responses. Mickey posted by-laws on the Website as well.
c) Due to new Corporation we won't take action now because the corporate attorney has to redo them. Move to put hold on By-laws and follow up with attorney on corporate status. MST

7)   Awards
a) Jim Short to call Jim Hileman to check on the awards. Jim Hileman will send them to Jim Short.

8)   Event Managers
a) Change to Event Manager for Skippy recommended - MSP
b) Jan sent letter to all Event Managers on rosters for this years events. We're keeping track of all the events our workers attend. No response from any of the Event Managers yet.

9)   Contracts
a) Jan to send the Moto-GP Contract to all for review right away.

10)   Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignmen ts. Remove from minutes. Refer to Committee List

11)   Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship - Talk to Corporate Attorney
a) May not have to come into play per corporate attorney. Move to Corporate category.

12)   Back-up training on how to take over events - Jan working on this.
a) Need input from other board members.
b) Post event - add the part about sending the roster to the Secretary. Jan to update with notes received.

13)   GRID
a) Help writing articles monthly
b) Actual distribution of mailed Grid (about 40 copies)
c) Chris will help with mailings. Ron, Jim and Mike will work on articles.

14)   USARM 50th Anniversary
a) Rosebud got quotes on T-shirts - 500- 3 color - $4.00 each, $5.00 - XX, $6.00 for XXX - 3 weeks notice. 10 inch patch on the back.

15)   Banquet
a) Rosebud met with Vendor and set up our BBQ. $6,476 for the banquet last year. Rosebud talked to them. They will give us a discount.
b) Estimate 325 at $14 per person. $4,650. Self-Serve. Chris took over the social duties.
c) Rosebud to check on heating trays.
16)   General Membership Meeting
a) Can we do it at Moto-GP?
b) Concern about too much beer during the meeting. Discussed how to manager

17)   Contracts -
a) POC Contract - Same stuff different year.
b) Skip Barber - Same Stuff different year - Jan to script letters for Ron to sign

18)   Training recommendations for the year and Moto-GP
a) Jim Short and Mike Otell - to talk through what they want to do. Jan will help when possible - primarily on Moto-GP training specifics.
b) Jan to dig up the AMA and Moto-GP Flag information and send to the directors. Come up with recommendations on training for next month.

New Business

1)   Review Operating Policy and budget - Reviewed budget and compared it to costs from 2008. Ken to check the equipment.

2)   New USARM Web site and Paypal - Paypal $1.02 per Paypal submission. Secured Website should be up relatively soon.
a) Chris will work on the merchandise. USARM Logo sales - Merchandise.
b) Jan to order business cards for all - 250 each.

3)   Pre and Post Event Manager Reports
a) Discussion on Equipment payment - Should be $20 only. Expense reports reflect $40-$60. Need to clarify the Equipment payment - one person gets paid a weekend only. $20 only MSP for all services - equipment given to the non-event manager only.
b) Jan will script a letter for Ron to sign.
c) Pre- Event
i) Paid members list - Event Managers need to know who are paid members.
ii) worker training - Everyone in USARM needs to go through training or refresher training
d) Post - event
i) Recap of event any issues - Ken will oversee the event manager reports.
ii) Suggestions for worker awards - part of their report back. One of the directors to receive the reports back from the event manager.
iii) Any training issues that we should review

4)   Rosebud - Where is the USARM License Plate? Jim Short to check on that. Jan thought it was in our trailer.

5)   Auction of Dale Earnhardt Memorial. 24H x 36W. Color photographs.
a) Paid $250 and it will be a raffle prize. Valued at $385.
b) MSP to be used to purchase this to be auctioned off.

March 17 - Next Board Meeting

9:45 PM meeting closed.

March Minutes have not been approved yet for distribution.