2009 – January

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2009

Attendees - Ken Berri, Jan Kaufman, Jim Short, Ron Vlastelica, Chris Vlastelica, Rosebud Vlastelica, Mike Otell
Special Guest - Jim Hileman

REVIEW MINUTES - from Dec 2008

Welcome to New Directors - The Board and our Special Guest introduced themselves to each other.

Board Elections - Nominations all around and voted on. The Board responsibilities for this year are...

President - Ron Vlastelica
Vice President - Ken Berri
Secretary - Jan Kaufman
Treasurer - Rosebud Vlastelica
Social - Chris

Motion to move PO Box to Gilroy. MSP
Action: Rosebud to get the PO box.
Leave Salinas PO box open for now . It will be closed sometime after Moto-G.

Add Ted's email to Directors alias and add Jim Hileman's address to the Directors alias. MSP
Action: Mickey to add Ted to Director's alias and add Jim back onto that alias.

1.) Review of Financials - Balance $16K-$17K Jim will send details in the next couple of days.
Ted paid the Tri-County bill with Moto-GP funds

We are on a cash only basis with Skippy. Jim Hileman coordinated those activities and follows through with them.

Discussion regarding our bank account, charges and how we can make our money work better for the club.
Action: Jim H. and Rosebud to get together to go over the books.


A.) There are fully stocked equipment trailers at Sears Point and at Laguna Seca.

1.) Hats - Jim Hileman was checking on this . Discussed further.
Action: Rosebud to check further and will forward his information to the board.

2.) Corporate Status - Rosebud will check on taking the by-laws to a company in San Jose where his daughter works. Flat rate varies between $1,000 to $2,000. Jan was provided with Rachelle's personal phone. MSP
Action: Jan to contact Rachelle about working with one of her attorneys.

3.) Trailer Status - Greg working on this. Jim H. and Greg were checking with Skippy on valve stems and will get the stands for the trailer. Already MSP to buy jack stands for the trailer.
Action: Jim H will get the jack stands and the Skippy people will fix the valve stems.

4.) By-Laws - Recommended changes to be sent via email directly to directors for review.- Board members to send information.
Action: Jan to send copies of By-Laws

Motion to go over by-laws in a separate meeting. MSP - Meeting on the 27th at 7 pm Pacific.

Awards - Jan sent question out to the "list" alias. Received 2-3 replies, discussion regarding awards.

5A.) Event Managers Discussed. Motion to ask Jim Hileman to take over Skippy - MSP
Action: Two letters to be scripted. One to Skippy and one to Kati to send to Ron for signature.

Discussion about membership and when a member or new person must submit their membership due to issues found last year. New person and any member must pay before their first event of the year.

5B.) POC has new contact. Dave Jansen has that under control.
Action: Jan to send copy of contracts to the new board.

6.) Board Duties - Need to clarify duties for each member of the board by responsibility, committee and assignments.

7.) Scholarship possibilities to aid USARM in the non profit status - Board to come up with criteria for the scholarship - Talk to Corporate Attorney

8.) Back-up training on how to take over events - Jan working on this. Need input from other board members.

9.) GRID - Out to the members 1st week of the month.

10.) Elections - Discussion regarding 5 positions filled this year due to Carl resigning. Mike filled that spot so Mike's Board activity will be for 1 year. (This Board is looking forward to Mike running again!)

11.) USARM 50th Anniversary - 2009 - Jim H. to check with Laguna regarding 50th Anniversary T-shirts.
Action: Jan to send history to Jim.

12 .) Banquet - Moto-GP Banquet again. We will contact same company as last year and will arrange for non-Moto-GP workers to access the worker camping area.
Action: Rosebud to meet with vendor

13 .) Moto-GP - Applications will be in Grid coming out soon.
Action: Jan to get with Ted on the application and Rosebud to get with Ted about PO Box

14.) Contracts -
a.) POC Contract - Do we need a new contract with them?
b.) Skip Barber - Contract - Jan to look for copies of the contract if we have them.

15.) Rosebud will inventory the merchandise.

February 17 - Next Board Meeting

Reminder: By Laws Meeting - January 27th - Same call in number and same time.