2009 – July

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
July 21, 2009

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Ron, Chris, Jim, Ted, Mike, Rosebud

Called to order 7:06 pm

Financial Report - Rosebud has a detailed year to date financial report. We will get that to Mickey to post in the GRID.

Grid - Grid articles. HUGE Thank you to the workers and news release on the weekend.

1) Moto-GP Training – TM Training completed, worker training completed. A little more information up front. Work more on TM training so they can then be more prepared for daily worker training. It went well.
2) Other Event Training – Drill down on the specifics.
Corporation Status
1) Assets $47K Value for the Corporation. Bank Statement is going to have to get into Quick books. Rosebud has a contact who knows Quick Books. Motion to allow Rich to have a person set up our books online and train him on how to enter it. - MSP
2) We are cleared to go ahead and open up the new corporate account. We have the corporate identity set so we’re ready to move forward. Basic Business Banking with Interest. $5K balance minimum. Daily accrued Interest. We will close the other account and open a new one.
Do we want to do a transfer of equipment at the same time? We will go over that with Angele tomorrow night.
We will open the new account with some of the funds from Moto-GP.
Inventory Status
1) Need more yellow flags for AMA if we have them next year.
Client Updates
1) Update on Russell situation from Jim Short – New contract sent to Ron and Jan for review.
2) Skip Barber – They’re cutting down on everything so it may want to cut down on the number of workers.
1) Update from Ted - complete.
2) Membership Meeting results – Majority wants the right to vote. Vote on whether they be willing for us to continue for at least another year by a show of hands was passed by approximately 80%.
3) Social – BBQ went well with a few hitches.
4) Raffle – Raised lots of money for the Van for Mickey. It sure came as a surprise to him.
5) Donation for Mickey – Fundraising – Raised about $1,250. USARM will match that to make it $2,500. $898. Plus $200 cash donation. Jan to send Rosebud some more cash. We will continue collecting monies. Diego Martinez works for Subaru and with the Lions Club approached Ron after the meeting. He will get us in touch with the Lions Club in Reno and they will help with getting the van for Mickey.
6) Awards – Went Well. The awards were BEAUTIFUL.
7) De-Brief of other issues.
Round Table
1) Jim will send email with updated Russell contract tomorrow.
2) Ordered about 60 more T-shirts with the Anniversary Print on it.
3) The USARM Logo shirts and sweats now have the Anniversary Logo printed on them.
4) Pins, stickers and patches and hats will be sent to Jim for Russell workers.
5) Once the new account is set up we will have the concalls apply to the new account.
6) One Extinguisher was refilled – invoiced and paid by Rosebud.
7) Lots of Corporate Junk Mail coming in now.

Next Meeting : August 18th – 7 p.m.