2009 – June

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009

Attendees - Jan, Ken, Ted, Chris, Ron, Jim, Rosebud
Absent: Mike – excused

Called to Order 7:10 pm

Financial Report - Balance will be sent to directors.

Grid - Results of quick turnaround – works great

1) Jim Short email to Doug and Scott. Jan will be the interface with Doug and Scott.
2) Training Manual – Add the Inspection process. Ted to send Jan other information to include.
3) Hand signal sheets – Chris and Ron to check for hand signal sheets.
4) Format for Moto-GP Training Sessions – Jan to discuss with Doug.
5) Jan to review Power Point and work with Doug
6) Training information will also be pulled from the confirmation letter.
Corporation Status
1) Meeting date change – 7 pm is fine.
2) Jan received info from Angele – delayed
3) Corporate mail has now started coming through.
Inventory Status
1) Received inventory from Jim Short of Sears Point equipment – Completed. Got the registration and will send a copy.
2) Rosebud went to DMV re: missing USARM plate. He will request a replacement.
Client Updates
1) Update on Russell situation – Jim is awaiting assurance that our workers are covered by insurance. Once that is done we will re-write the contract and sign it.
1) Update from Ted
2) Membership Meeting – Move up to Friday Night.
3) Social – Workers get fed first, if food left over we can sell dinners for $10 a plate. Set aside food for Turn 11 Race Management crew.
4) Raffle – Discussed goodies for the raffle
5) Extinguisher refresh - Completed
6) Awards
7) Need write up on everyone receiving awards and send to Rosebud.
8) Order for awards – Ordered
Round Table
1) Ron talked to Mike OTell today. He is feeling much better and will continue with the Board. He apologized for all the problems caused during him being so ill. He’s back to work now.
2) Working Donations for from other USARM Clients. USARM to match dollar for dollar and donate to a worthy cause.
3) Ken – Resolution to be written that Ted has final say to do or purchase anything required for the Moto-GP race. Jan to write up formal resolution.
4) Jan – Call Doug about the PA

Next Meeting : July 21st – 7 p.m.