2009 – March

USARM Board Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2009

Attendees - Ron, Chris, Ken, Jim, Jan, Rick
Absentee - Mike



1)   Review of Financials - Reviewed Financials - MSP


1)   Merchandise – Status - Order placed, updates on several items for Moto-GP

2)   Corporate Status – Update on our last Corporate meeting with Angele

a) We will have the new Tax ID within a couple of days
b) We will get a resellers license.
c) We won't have to pay sales tax on supplies, etc.
d) Inventory of merchandise needed
e) Discussion regarding acquiring a Computer for USARM Treasurer. We can get a revamped computer. Not sure that's the way to go.
f) Jan sent revised Mission Statement to Angele and the Directors

3)   Trailer Status
a) Jack stands bought
b) Rich to call Steve Yzunza about the USARM license plate
c) Ken and Rich will inventory entire trailer

4)   Awards
a) Jim Short to call Jim Hileman on awards
b) Awards for 2008
c) Area on the Website for awards.
d) Sent list of past award winners to Chris

5)   Event Managers
a) Event Roster to be finished.
b) Event Manager duties listing to be finalized and sent out.
c) Letter from Event Manager - Equipment fees, worker transport fees, other fees taken out of the equipment fee. Equipment Fee is for equipment. $20 flat fee was approved in March 2006 and stands as is.
d) Event Manager authority to buy other items as needed - Jan will add that to the Event Manager Duties - for ice, soda, water, etc.
e) Need details of what training is required for a new worker before they go on course
f) Concern from members - Too hard for new people to get on a list to come work an event and get trained.

6)   Contracts
Jan to send the Moto-GP Contract to all for review.

7)   GRID
a) Recommendation to up the dues as of May 1st. We will leave it at $25. We will review in October 2009 per our past vote.
b) What to do with bounced checks - It's a $10 bounced check charge on a bounced check. Money order only. MSP

8)   Banquet
a) Update - No update since meeting was moved up.
b) Chris to get with Mickey to put articles in the GRID about the Banquet so non-Moto-GP members will know about it and we will arrange for them to access the worker camping area for the party.

9)   General Membership Meeting
a) At Moto-GP

10)   Contracts
a) Skip Barber - Change of Event Manager completed.

11)   Training
a) Jim did a great safety training at the last event.
b) All Event Managers need to be responsible for doing training and keeping track of it. Each day they should cover another issue. What's the hand signal for ??? What flag would you use for this?
c) We will put something in the Grid that if people want to get trained they can contact an Event Manager. Team with another experienced worker – Possibly do a no pay for that first weekend but they have to be a member. Need further discussion.
d) Need Training Check List of what to cover.
e) How to ensure training for Moto-GP personnel - Each Turn Marshal will be held responsible for training. We will give the Turn Marshals a check list of what to cover.
f) Proposal to pay the trainees back their membership fee.
g) Jim and Mike to come up with training format for new folks.
h) Moto-GP Training focus - Thursday afternoon/evening.
i) Booklet for each worker to sign off on their training – Licensing/Certification Program discussed.
j) Test for all workers online?
k) Certificate for all workers once they are trained?
12)   New Website
a) It's ready. Testing completed by Ted, Ron, Jan and Mickey. It will have Paypal available to pay memberships. It's a secure website so no concerns about information getting leaked out. Only available to paid members. Mickey has done a terrific job getting this set up for us!

New Business

1)   Photogs at Moto-GP
a) We will not have photogs at Moto-GP.
b) Jan to draft letters to both of them.

2)   Membership Fees
a) A.) Non-US Members - Corporation says everyone has to pay. Paypal will help with this.
b) Military – Discussion about active military.

3)   Equipment Fees/Worker Transportation
a) Discussion per email from earlier this week

4)   Membership Fees

Round Table - Nothing

Next Meeting – April 21st

Meeting closed at 9:40 pm Pacific